► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

Compiling a list of lesser-known limitations on Webflow here for reference. This list will be kept updated.


  1. Max number of pages per project: 2 (free), 100 (any paid account or project)

  2. Max number of characters for project dashboard custom/embed code fields: 20,000 per field (head/footer)

  3. Max number of characters for custom/embed code component: 10,000

  4. Max number of items per dropdown list: 100

  5. No page slug transliteration for non-english titles.

  6. No support for CSS nested selectors (class:hover .child), instead you have to use interactions (JavaScript).

  7. No support for CSS3 pseudo selectors (:nth-child, :before, :after, etc.).

  8. No file field (uploads) for Webflow forms, except for Business Hosting

  9. Unable to have multiple locations/addresses/markers for Google Map widget.

  10. No in-built support for wide screen designs (container fixed at 960px max-width).

  11. Unable to Omit/Protect Classes from Style Cleanup.

  12. Unable to copy assets/styles/elements from one project to another.

  13. No design import functionality whatsoever. Create everything from a blank or predefined templates.

  14. Known element reserved custom attribute names:


  15. Backup & restoring: Latest 5 (free), Unlimited (any paid account or hosting)

  16. Use of custom code: Disabled (free), Enabled (any paid account or hosting)

  17. Search Results page displays a maximum of 60 results

  18. Business forms File Upload filetypes



  1. Max number of collections per project: 20 (40 with business hosting)

  2. Max number of dynamic lists (to display collections) per page: 20

  3. Max number of fields per collection: 30 (60 with business hosting)

  4. Max number of references per collection: 5 (10 with business hosting)

  5. Max number of items per collection: 100

  6. Max number of collection items per project: 50, (2000 with CMS hosting) (10,000 with business hosting)

  7. Max number of list items per collection list (on a page): 100

  8. Max number of characters for collection item’s Name field: 120

  9. Max number of editor accounts per hosting subscription: 20 (3 or 20 accounts included. $6 per additional editor account)

  10. Subcategory Template Page unable to list items within it’s subcategory

  11. No multi-reference fields inside dynamic lists

  12. No file field (uploads) under collection fields

  13. Unable to sort multi-reference dynamic lists within collection template page.

  14. No integration with most designer components (sliders, lightboxes, etc.)

  15. No membership management (User registration, login, forget password, member-only pages)

  16. No guest (non-collaborator) contributions to CMS (use Zapier/API instead)

  17. No pagination component for dynamic lists.

  18. CSV import does not allow you to set reference, multi-reference, and file fields.

  19. Unable to export your collections and items Update: CSV export, images as absolute URLs

  20. Webflow CMS cannot be exported and self-hosted

  21. Max number of dynamic pages (pagination) per collection list: 1750

  22. No multilingual/i18n support

  23. Only one nested reference per collection list, with 5 maximum reference fields


  1. Only two fixed payment modes supported - Paypal & Stripe (no bank transfer, cheque, cash-on-delivery, Afterpay, Square, Bitcoin, etc.) (this means you also cannot sell to China)

  2. No integration with brick-and-mortar (physical) stores inventory and checkout (i.e.: cannot use Webflow e-commerce to use as a cashier checkout counter)

  3. No shipping zones (by zip code), only by per-country

  4. No store pickup shipping option

  5. No multiple currency converter, support only one base currency sitewide

  6. No wishlist & online gift registry system

  7. Unable to sell digital goods (e.g.: individual licences, downloadable products)

  8. Unable to sell appointments/bookings slots

  9. Unable to set volume discounts (e.g.: buy 5 for 5% discount, 10 for 10% discount)

  10. No discount/coupon codes system

  11. No recurring transactions (subscriptions)

  12. No customer login & no order history

  13. Cannot use buttons & checkboxes as product variant/option selectors - only dropdowns

  14. Cannot attach files for orders (e.g.: requiring image uploads to customize product)

  15. No “Buy Now” button (express checkout) - user has to view cart to checkout

  16. No external CRM or inventory integration (Salesforce, etc.)

  17. No “test mode” to dry run your ecommerce setup

  18. Missing customers email address and phone number in notification emails

  19. Unable to set minimum order quantities for each product (e.g.: 2, 5, 10) before it can be added to cart

  20. No abandoned cart marketing to get customers to revisit items in cart

  21. No customer reviews system after they have purchased a product

  22. No manual tax rate controls and receipt information

  23. No custom shipping option based on which products are selected (some products are heavier and costs more, requires registered postage only, etc.)

  24. No affiliate tracking/referral system


  1. Number of Webflow form submissions: 10 (free/default), 500 (any paid hosting), 100 (personal account), 500 (pro/team account)

  2. Max number of (parked) domains per project: Unknown. Tested up to 10

  3. Max number of 301 redirects: Unknown. Tested up to 1000

  4. Unable to transfer a site with Paid Hosting to another account, without cancelling first

  5. Adobe Fonts Integration only in projects with active hosting possible (you cannot duplicate a project and have the custom fonts until you purchase a hosting plan)

Template Store

  1. Purchased templates can only be used on one site. You have to pay for the template again for each clone/copy of the project.


  1. Unable to downgrade account if number of sites exceeds new quota.

For requests asking for limit increases, please post in the respective threads instead of below. Please keep replies to this thread related to the maintenance and upkeep of this list. Reply below or PM me for add/update/correction requests.

Also, feel free to contact me for further code help and/or customization of third-party plugins

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Great list! :slight_smile: All points are verified.


Sam, I had missed this page; just discovering it. Great list :slight_smile: I wans’t aware of half of those numbers.


Thanks for the list! We’re working on removing most of these limitations.

Thanks for your patience as we iron out all the kinks!


Updated with:

Backup & restoring: Latest 2 (free), Unlimited (any paid account or hosting)

Use of custom code: Disabled (free), Enabled (any paid account or hosting)

Unable to transfer a site with Paid Hosting to another account, without cancelling first

Please update with new category Exports and then a first item: impossible to use relative paths

What do you mean…? If you’re referring to this, it’s not a limitation but more like a bug.

Hi @samliew

Brandon doesn’t seem to agree this is a bug but a wishlist item. Fwiw, I agree with categorising this as a bug


Just want to say how much I appreciate this thread. Thanks @samliew <3


I am no longer able to maintain this list as well as my own “Tips & Tricks” posts as I seem to have lost edit privileges…

Sorry about that @samliew, looks like discourse has a default time period for how long after a post is created it can be edited. I just updated that setting and you now should be able to update the post!


@nathan that’s perfect, thanks!

This is a great list, thank you! I’ve found it really helpful to review before quoting client projects to make sure I’m not promising anything we can’t deliver.

I’m hoping you can keep it updated, it’s such a good reference. Noticing a few of these limits that (I think) have been removed:

  1. No file field (uploads) for Webflow forms.

  2. No in-built support for wide screen designs (container fixed at 960px max-width)
    _This one is still true, but has a good work-around: https://discourse.webflow.com/t/activate-1200px-large-screen-media-query/611_

  3. Unable to copy assets/styles/elements from one project to another.



How does this work with Ecommerce hosting? Do we get more CMS items?

No, you pay more to get an e-commerce store, but trade-off for lesser CMS items than website hosting.

Standard is similar to CMS hosting, but with a lower limit of 500 items instead of 2k items.

Plus/Advanced is similar to Business hosting, but with lower limit of 1k or 3k items respectively, instead of 10k items.

See fine print on new pricing page here https://webflow.com/pricing

Not to mention the prices are for beta sites only. In future e-commerce store hosting will increase when more features are released. You cannot switch back to normal website hosting from e-commerce hosting easily (you will have to delete all your e-commerce bindings, collections, pages, before you can downgrade back to CMS/basic hosting).

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Hi Sam,

This can be updated: Unable to export your collections and items

More details can be added:

CVS import all fields but Reference, multi reference and file fields. Images as URLs.
CSV export all fields. Images as URLs

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5 now for free

Possible now.

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