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Webflow honeymoon over, Bondlayer affair started

Don’t get me wrong, I really love Webflow.
But some of these limitations have dimmed our once bright future:

Then by chance I stumbled upon Bondlayer.
Seems almost identical, but with less limitations.
Feels too new to pack my bags yet.
I’m so torn.
I don’t know what to do.


Each project is different and while many folks—like myself—love to use and prefer Webflow, it’s definitely not right for everything. If your client has needs that go beyond the platform then by all means, use another platform.

While this other platform looks similar, they appear to be fairly new and I wouldn’t even think of trusting it for any serious projects until I knew more about them. There’s little to no detail on their infrastructure or who they are as a company (I can only find that they’re based in Portugal)—two things that are important to me when I trust a platform with a client’s project.

I prefer to invest in tools that have proven to benefit and help grow my business, not jump ship every time I see a shiny new toy. I’ve learned to utilize other (trusted) tools outside of Webflow if the project has a needy set of requirements, but all of them have been around and shown that they won’t go under before the years end. Not to mention you can always pair Webflow as a design tool with the backend of your choice—not every site needs to be hosted on the platform.

If you’re serious about web development as a career it may be wise to think of the tools we use as a partnership that work towards the benefit of your clients. It doesn’t benefit anyone to jumping ship when something else comes along without first at least testing it out to see if it’s as good as it claims to be.

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i really understand what you mean. I love webflow too, but there are some limitations which make no sense to me. Like the code limitations. (it should be easy to add a “big embed element” or extend the lines of code)
I know that due to the gereral situation, it may be difficult to develop in normal “speed”. Dont get that wrong, but i think webflow needs a new “kick” like a new really big feature. *multi language sites" (i know weglot is out there, but a built in feature would be a lot nicer)

The biggest problems for me, are the missing ability to pay via paypal or bank-transfer, and the missing lack of clarity regarding to the privacy shield. Our lawyers say, that they cannot recommend webflow, because of the us-hosting. A solution would be a “only EU hosting plan” for now. I think / hope there will be clarity on that in future.

I LOVE webflow, but i dont know how long i will be able to use it due to leagal reasons.


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+1 to this. Webflow Designer has become increasingly buggy lately. Getting in touch with support has become more difficult thanks to their chatbot, and WF support already takes forever to respond. Then they send gratuitous troubleshooting steps even though you are contacting them with a well documented bug report.

Add this to the limits of cms, filtering, single-player designer that only allows one person to edit the site at a time, and you may find yourself in a very frustrating situation especially if you develop sites in webflow for client companies.

Besides bondlayer, I’ve also recently discovered Makeswift which is fairly new but looks promising.

Of course, before starting to use these new platforms with client projects, testing and vetting the companies is required. Webflow is established, yes, but they have become lethargic and apathetic to users. I’m guessing they are hitting serious scaling walls and refactoring the platform to solve for some of these limitations may take a long time.