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User Login with simple password list

It would be great to be able to import a list of usersnames and passwords to the webflow cms.
After importing the list I would like to create a login page with a webflow form that just allows access to the other pages if the username and the corresponding password was found in the imported list.

Is that possible in webflow? I mean that does not have anything to do with user registration and user management. I just don’t want to have one single password I have to give to all of my collegues. They should have different passwords.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You’d like to have a user system and that is not yet available with Webflow. It makes sense that they should propose that oneday but I don’t think it’s on their roadmap just yet.

CMS #15 : No membership management (User registration, login, forget password, member-only pages)
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I doubt you would be able to achieve this (currently) with the Webflow CMS.

However it is possible to use Firebase (and probably also Auth0 or Okta) for user management with Webflow. You will need to be handy with Javascript, but it is possible. I did a test site using Firebase a couple of weeks ago and got a user sign up, log in and the ability for the user to update their profile working correctly.

Webflow gives you access to the header and body globally across your site so you can add custom scripts here that make sense to be made available globally across your site here (like tracking a user’s authentication state for example). For the more page specific code, like the user’s profile page where they can update their details, you can add the relevant code to that page only directly in the page settings.

I don’t know of a way of achieving user authentication with Webflow that doesn’t require at least some basic coding knowledge.

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This is great information! I’ve been searching for ways to get a user sign up and dashboard to work on Webflow for months now! Would you recommend Google Firebase or Auth0? I wanted to create a dashboard for my clients to post their updates vs emailing me.

Personally I would use Firebase, but this is only because you can away with heavy usage before needing to pay. Auth0 is an amazing product, don’t get me wrong, but I believe (someone please correct me if I am wrong) you must now pay to access certain API endpoints (like for users to update their unique metadata) which may be a bit more limiting.

Personally I used Firebase UI as this meant that I didn’t need to deal with any more code myself than absolutely necessary. Firebase UI will provide you with functions to log in, log out, sign up but you would need to write some functions yourself to post user updates to your Firebase database, delete the user updates, show the existing user updates etc. I don’t see why this couldn’t work in Webflow, but you will definitely need some coding knowledge.

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Ahhh ok! Thank you Jason! I have basic CSS, JS, and Jquery knowledge and hoping to expand it more. I’ll check out Firebase and let you know how it goes for me! Thanks again


No problems! This lack of functionality always bugged me with Webflow. They created a product which is perfect for 99% of what I need to do, and if only they would add native support for user authentication it would be 100%. In any case it’s great that we are able to build cool things with such little code now.

I strongly recommend you read the documentation here This is what I followed at I can confirm it works.

See how you get on and feel free to share your project with me if you get stuck and want me to have a look.


Yeah, I know what you mean! I’ve had the same exact same struggle with Webflow. I appreciate your help Jason and thank you so much for the link. We’ll keep in touch :sunglasses:

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