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@vincent I’ve updated the list. Thanks!



Max number of dynamic lists (to display collections) per page: 20

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Is the list getting smaller or larger. .LOL

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Hello, is it really the maximum ?

I want to add 500 items for a single collection. Is it possible ?

You can use pagination on a collection list.

What do you mean by pagination ?

In my use case, I need 500 items in a single collection

Hi there. I’ve searched for an existing answer, but haven’t found one.

If I have a project that needs more than 10,000 CMS items, and I’m willing to pay for that, is that available in any form?

Hey @Beau_Cronin! Welcome to the forums! I’d recommend contacting support here with your situation specifics to see if they can assist you:

Best of luck!

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Thank you. This does seem like something that should be kept up to date on the Webflow Pricing page.

Great List! Exactly what I was looking for. One question i have, how many items per collection are possible?

Great List! Exactly what I was looking for. One question i have, how many items per collection are possible?

You can have ( 2000 with CMS hosting, 10,000 with business hosting ) items distributed across all the collections.

So if you only have one collection, you can have 10k items in that single collection with business hosting.

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Feb 2020 - Added e-commerce section.

Webflow should definitely hire someone to clean up the Webflow wishlist to improve on the descriptions, clarify unclear requests, and merge those duplicates!


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Thank you @samliew - this is really helpful for me in my briefings with especially bigger companies! Thanks!

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I set up business hosting for a client and can have 60 fields per collection. Maybe something to update on your list @samliew

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Hi guys, I’m having a big issue because this 100 item limitation. My client website need a form to fill the DB items to refer to the Product Order. With @PixelGeek video tutorials (thanks BTW) I managed to fill the form list but, I can’t fill with all products. Pagination will not solve this issue. There is some way to control the list number?

Thanks in advance

I was wondering if the SEO limitations should be listed here. Webflow’s og: implementation does not pass Facebook’s debugger. It has missing fields. There are no twitter card settings. No setting for canonical. Things can setup quite well for CMS pages with custom code and CMS fields. However for standard pages, Webflow is not on the designer’s side. It comes down to manual customer meta per page making webflow one of the most time consuming builders for SEO driven site owners and designers. Happy to be corrected!


Hey there,

Have you reviewed this write-up? It covers Canonical URLs - small custom code to add, very simple.

Thanks, but is it manual and as such exposed to errors. It needs t o be aded to seo settings

Sam I got this code you shared so kindly in another thread to append several collection lists into one and it works great.


Can this code be modified to append only certain collection lists? I want to compile 6 collection lists into one for a list of authors but I also have other collection lists on the page which I want to keep separate.

I hope this is the correct thread to address the issue since the original trhead is now closed.