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Where to integrate the code for a mouse movement?


I hav a pro paid account on Webflow.
I have a code HTLM/CSS and JS for a great animation when we move the mouse cursor.
Where and how to copy past it please ?

Thank you

Hi @Super

You have a number of options for custom code:

  • Project settings for site-wide
  • Page settings for page specific
  • Embed elements within a page

Or better still…you can use native Webflow Interactions 2.0 (IX2) for animation based on mouse movement (click the lightning icon top right inside the designer to apply).

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See also How to host text files on Github & How to embed files hosted on Github on my profile, if your custom code is longer than 10k characters.

Also, feel free to contact me for further code help and/or customization of third-party plugins

thank you but your help is too complexe for me.
@StuM I want a nice effect everytime the mouse move. On the lightning icon top right I cant find it…
@samliew the code is HTLM/CSS and JS and I dont know how to integrate…

Thank you

Hi @Super

Sam is talking about being able to use code from github and make it work here in Webflow. If you would like to get familiar with native interactions instead, and recreate it, here are some quick tutorials:

General overview:

Full course

Specific mouse movement tutorial

Thank you but I have already the code.
How to integrate it please ?

Try many times with no result.
It is a very simple code HTML/CSS/JS to include.
I paid the pro version for that but it doesn’t work

thank you for your help