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I am not ready to use all pages of a template--how do I hide them?

I am using Spazia Template. I have figured out most of it. My customer has not given me all the info I need to proceed. My best option is to condense to fewer pages and get this live. Can I turn off certain pages? Or do I need to create a copy of the site and delete those pages? (Portfolio and About Us pages)

The customer already has a URL, and has his old site hosted. Do I follow the instructions for exporting? or is there an easier way to accomplish that? He does not want to pay a monthly fee. If I do send a website over to other hosting does that mean I can’t make changes? Would it then be a Word Press back end operation or what?

I am not yet fluent in web-talk so really dumb it down… Thank you

The best option is to not link to any pages you are not currently using. If you’re not using the About Us page then delete the nav bar link and any other links to that page.

If your client wants to use their old hosting setup then you will have to export the site following Webflow’s export instructions.

Once the site is exported you can make changes directly to the code files that are exported. If you don’t know how to code you’ll need to keep the project saved on your Webflow dashboard so that you can make changes and re-export the site.

Once you export the site the CMS you use (if any) is up to you and your client. Wordpress is one of many CMSs that can be used. If you are thinking they need a CMS then you will want to hire a developer to take the Webflow Export and integrate it into the CMS you choose.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

CMS is Content Management System. Am I correct to say Word Press, Square Space, and Webflow are all ways to manage your content in a simplified form for us? And they are not interchangeable? You can, however, export the coding that is generated when you use Webflow to design work, into Word Press and then have it saved or hosted by Web Gator or other companies that provide that service.

The easiest way is to do everything in Webflow, but not all customers want to give up their existing domains and services. Webflow is faster and very secure but it is $10 a month billed monthly. There is a way to send this to your client, correct? QUESTION: If I do send it to my client can I still work on the site for the client?

If I have a template that doesn’t have a blog can I take that from another template or do I need to design it myself? Can blog posts be configured to automatically post to a connected Facebook and Twitter page?

Can I mix pages from different Templates? I know that those templates purchases are for a one time use. Hmmmmm, the more I learn the more I don’t know. I am sure it will turn around at some point, I hope you don’t get sick of my questions while I am in the process.

Hi @rvdebby, please also refer to a detailed post I made for a related question on CMS.

Also, since you are considering the limitations of Webflow CMS, do take a look at this as well. Do note that you cannot export CMS collections and items from Webflow.

No, the project will no longer be in your dashboard.

There is currently no such functionality to copy code/layout/styles from another project. It may happen in the future.

Not automatically. You need to use the RSS feature, connect it with an external service like IFTTT or Zapier, to perform an external action.

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