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Using Webflow as base for data driven projects

We are using Webflow as a prototyping tool for a while now and and quite happy with the results. Unfortunately the results are rather static and we need to integrate them back to our existing projects, that currently are using Bootstrap.

We will in the near future restructure our sites so they are using the MVC principle. Does anyone have experience in using Webflow for the view part here? Also, is there a way to import the results we would be creating to edit the CSS in Webflow for these generated pages? We’re thinking of a workflow like:

  1. Create prototype pages in Webflow
  2. Integrate the design in our projects
  3. Have the pages be created using real data
  4. Re-Import these pages to Webflow to edit the CSS using actual data
  5. Export the new CSS back in our projects

Does anyone use a similar workflow and has some best practices or would you say that Webflow maybe isn’t the right tool for that and we should stick with what we know and keep Webflow just for prototyping?

You can use the CSV import function to import CMS data into the project. You cannot import a whole project once you have exported it.

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CSV will most likely not be enough. But the links look helpful, thanks!

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