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Adding Continued Pagination to Blog Page

Hi all,

On our website, at we have a pagination area where users can toggle to see older articles. As our content collection is growing, I’m needing to add new links for a pages 6-10. I tried copying and pasting the Blog Tab Link element shown in the attached, which does successfully add a new 6 next in line, but it’s loading the same content as 5, even though there are other blog posts that should appear here, if the logic is that older posts will appear in order of publication date as you progress through the pages.

I can seem to find in settings, style, anywhere where I need to tell these new Blog Tab Links to surface the next in line blog posts based on publication date. Any pointers on how to complete this task so that I can surface our older content?

Thanks so much, share link is:

  • Morgan

Using tabs is a workaround for a real pagination component.

Each tab has its own dynamic list with different filter options.

If you create a new one, you have to change the offset for the new dynamic list.

Do note of the maximum number of dynamic lists per page when using this workaround - you will run into this sooner or later.

Thanks so much Sam! I’m all set now - appreciate the gifs and added detail.