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CMS: can users add 'listings' without being a collaborator?

Hi guys,

So I was looking at the power of Webflow CMS. Looks great, and I have a question about ‘collaborating’. From what I can see, you need to invite collaborators (with a max limit of 20), is this correct?

A use case - if I wanted to build a ‘Craigslist’ type website, and enable anyone to hit the ‘+ Add Listing’ button and fill in form fields + add image(s) to create a listing which appears publicly, could I do this, or would I need to first invite the ‘collaborator’ to the CMS?

Just curious!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @PChalk1,

Currently the CMS is limited in user interactivity. There is no membership management, anonymous submissions to the CMS.

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