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Dynamic List into a different Collection Page Template

Ok, few more question (for choosing the way to organize data and do not hit the Webflow CMS limits):

  1. How many images will be in each gallery (maximum)
  2. Is it the final quantity of images in the galleries or with time there will be more uploads?
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  1. How many images will be in each gallery (maximum)
  • I want to limit the galleries with a max. of 20 images each.
  1. Is it the final quantity of images in the galleries or with time there will be more uploads?
  • no, this is the maximum quantity.

Ok, here is how I would do that:

  1. “Artists” collection.

  2. “Galleries” collection. Each item is a gallery, having:

  • name field (standard)
  • reference field to the Artists collection
  • 20 image fields

Then on the Artist page template, you will be able to add the dynamic collection of the galleries and filter it by the reference field equal current artist.

You may also want to add “gallery type” field in the Gallery item structure. It will let you separate 1,2 and 3 galleries of each Artist.

Hope my explanations make sense to you.
Feel free to ask more if you need more help


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Dear @sabanna thanks for your help.

I followed your instruction to set the collections.

Now my problem is the Front End.
How can i build the Artist Page layout in order to browse the different Galleries within it?
Below 2 screenshot that help you to figure out what need.

Thanks again for your support :slight_smile:

Hmmmm… It seems the main problem will be to show all 3 galleries together in one “masonry grid” :confused:

Other than that, Part with the galleries I would make from the Tabs widget and add each gallery to the separate tab pane. Masonry grid can be easy done by following this post:

Once again, 3 galleries together put in one masonry grid will be hard, since each of them will be wrapped in a div (Dynamic item)

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If masonry grid with all 3 galleries is necessary, then you will probably have to change the database structure :confused:

  1. Create separate collections for the gallery, where will be all images.
  2. Each item in this collection should have
  • image field
  • reference field to artists collection
  • gallery type

It will be a bit more complicated and may hit the Webflow CMS limits (maximum number of items in the collection) if site doesn’t have a paid CMS hosting

As a workaround, you may create separate collections - galleries for each artist (will be 3 galleries instead of 1)

Hallo @sabanna.

I’ve already create the Masonry Grid without problems but since 3 days the thing that stopped my job (and created problems with my client :confused: ) it’s the possibility to browse Galleries into the Artist Page.

As you suggested I’ve created Galleries (collection) for each Artist but it doesn’t work when i try to use the Layout below:

Honestly i didn’t imaged that Webflow doesn’t allow to create this very common structure.

Do you know if is it possible through the custom code?


Could you share a read-only link? It will let me help you faster

How to share a read-only link:

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Yes of course

Thanks @sabanna! :grinning:

I see where you “stuck” and I know how to help you.
Please, could you re-create Gallery collection? For be able to show all 3 type of galleries you need all the images for one Artist inside one collection and each image should be a separate item (not the way I suggested first).

Let me know when structure will be done and I will be able to show you next step

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Thanks @sabanna

Ok i get it, just one question;
In this way the Collaborator (Client) can create, through the CMS, Personal galleries for each Artist?

I need that my client could create/manage the Galleries for each Artist by itself.

Let me know :slight_smile:

You client will be NOT able to create COLLECTION, but will be able TO ADD IMAGES into existing collection.

So your role would be to create 3 collections for galleries, as many as you have artists( if there will be more artists, you need more galleries collections)

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Hi @sabanna,

I followed your instruction:

  • I created a Collection called “Portfolio pictures”
  • Every Item contains: Name, Picture (Image), Artist (Reference), Category (Reference)

At moment i created only 2 categories.

Below the read-only link:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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If this site is having paid hosting then you have nothing to worry about.

Just have to warn you: if there is no hosting paid the collection of images (Portfolio pictures) will be limited to 100 items only.

The website has the hosting paid.

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Here we go: screencast video of how to organize the “filtering” :wink:

Also some tips:

  1. You don’t have to upload the same image few times with connecting it to different categories.
  2. Category ALL - not needed, remove it. All images without filtering by category will be available in one dynamic list.
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THANKS!!! :smile:

@sabanna best community expert


:smiley: Thank you very much! Glad we found solution and finished your frustration :wink:

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Hallo @sabanna,

Thanks for your help, i followed your instruction step by step and i reach the result :slight_smile:

But i have still one problem, i need that the Categories in the Tabs should be dynamic, in order that the client can be able to changes, add and eliminate items.
Is it possible?

ps. how can i set the style to keep active the first Tab “All”?


Here the new link