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+1000 this is great!

When you do custom hosting with webflow, Do you pay per domain? I assume not?

Hey @Aidz you can have as many different domains in one site, you are only charged for the hosting of that site, not per a domain. :smile:


As waldo said ,however all domain will redirect you to the same page(same content) if you mean it that way.

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Great post! :smiley:

I'll add some of my points regarding to Forms:

  1. Unable to do something with form input, for example: calculations (for the very obvious pricing modals), display results on separate page, or push to CMS/database (to allow for basic user registration for example).
  2. No possible customized form handling such as a"thank you message to sender, order confirmation to buyer, form to multiple users, and so on.
  3. No file upload (you mentioned input type, just to make sure we mean the same)

And in regards to file upload in editor

  1. Unable to (dynamically) link to files in collection
  2. Unable to rename files after upload
  3. No support for multiple format files (such as pdf)
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No file upload (you mentioned input type, just to make sure we mean the same)

Yes, same as Designer #8

And in regards to file upload in editor

I'm calling it the "Designer" view

No support for multiple format files (such as pdf)

Same as Designer #7

Can we call that multi-site?

@samliew Should these items be added or updated in this post?

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Hey @samliew,

If you could add these 3 to the list, which I find it annoying everyday when I deal with Webflow:
1. Designer - Could not selectively omit certain classes from deletion when in "Style Cleanup"
2. CMS - No scrollbar in Editor, you can scroll, but a scrollbar is missing. Senior people find this annoying as heck.
3. Designer - Responsive views are not really close to how things are represented in a mobile device. As the entire viewport height is your screen's height. It should be more like how Chrome's Toggle Device mode works.

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Please create bug report for #2.

For #1 and #3, please provide a link to the respective wishlist forum post.

@samliew is No.2 a bug?

With links:

Yes, #2 is a bug, #3 is not a limitation to me.

Wishlist =/= Limitation

Hi @samliew thanks, this is handy stuff to know.

Should "No multi-reference fields inside dynamic lists" be added? I've just hit that stumbling block while using CMS for first time and have been searching for a way to work round it. Seems big enough to cause issues to the uninitiated (more here).

@matt50 Added! I didn't realize how many were affected by the lack of this functionality.

How about adding "No way to IMPORT data into CMS" on this list?
I have about 800 items I want to get into my main webflow collection. Each item has 16 fields. Right now, I am paying someone to manually enter each new item one by one.

Hi @Jim_Dandy,

Thanks for your suggestion. That is a good thing to be aware of, and I have added it to the list.

Updated max number of chars for custom code announced here


You should add:

Max number of items per collection (CMS hosting): 500 (additional 500 items can be requested for $10/month per 500 extra items)

-> Without CMS Hosting you can only add 100 items per collection !!

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