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Does Webflow fit my use case requirement?


I’m wanting to digitalise my company’s travel brochures into interactive, responsive content experiences - which can be managed without designer or developer.

We found a tool called Foleon which does exactly what we want to do, but the pricing is outside of our range. So we are looking to see if we can replicate it via Webflow.

Example : One happy island - English

Key use cases are :

  • Some sort of sliding animation between different “pages” of the brochure
  • Have a little previous/next button for moving between pagesas with Foleon
  • Ability to make some pages full/fixed screen, and others with ability to scroll down to learn more
  • Basically create something similar to Foleon

The document we are trying to digitalise looks like this :

Welcome to the community,It is definitely possible to create all these things natively on webflow with the help of some low code.
Please read this post from @samliew and @PixelGeek video for reference it will help you in making some decisions.

All the best :peace_symbol: