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Tips for Exporting Code?


So a client of mine had asked me to create a website for them, and they had already secured a domain and host. My idea was to create the website here on Webflow and then export the code since she is hosting via Godaddy. Are there any tips or anything I should know, or perhaps any challenges I should expect? Im debating whether to design here or just create do it the ol fashion way.


There are no issues with exporting websites made in Webflow.
The code that Webflow generates is well structured and very clean.

Hi there,

But as I understand it, contact forms and some other dynamic stuff don´t work once you export the code. Is that correct, @Revolution ?

Many thanks.

To a certain extent. You can still receive form submissions into your project as long as it isn’t deleted, and up to your hosting plan limits.

Yes, all CMS functionality is not exportable.


What @samliew said is correct…

I will just say it in a different way:

1: Exported code will run just fine. The only issue I have with the code is – the code uses a naming convention and blatant branding that makes it easily identifiable as a product developed in Webflow. If this isn’t an issue for you… then it’s not a problem. You need a Plan that allows the export feature.

2: Webflow uses it’s own Responsive JS Class Library. It functions nicely and is very similar to Bootstrap 3. However, it is not Bootstrap and the conversion over to Bootstrap (through possible) is a pain in the ass and most people here cannot accomplish this.

3: Contact Forms. As mentioned in “1”… the code does contain identifiable Webflow footprints.

When you export the code… the website (though not hosted with Webflow) will still utilize the Webflow Email Notification / Message System.

So - for example: you create and export / self-host a website. When a visitor selects the Submit Button on a Form - the collected data is processed by / sent to a Webflow server which then:

3-1: Saves the collected data into their system. You can access their system and view the collected data up to a point that your plan allows you to; and

3-2: The Webflow system sends you a (branded) notification email that contains the collected data.

To change this… you need to modify the form post info for your website. If you don’t know how to do this… it’s not difficult - and you can search the Webflow forum for the solution.

After changing the form post… your server will handle the data collection and not Webflow.

4: CMS. I don’t use the Webflow CMS… but I do know the CMS is not exportable. If you use the Webflow CMS, you can still export your website (if your plan allows export), (manually) keep a copy of your data on your own server; but you will need to develop your own methods to retrieve / utilize your data.

If you use the Webflow CMS and don’t know how to develop your own CRUD System… you (or your client) are forever locked into paying Webflow.

I’m sure someone will point out if I missed or mis-stated something.

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