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Using Webflow to design websites for a client

I’m writing this as I need your expert advise as to how I should go about designing websites for a client and how I should hand over the final product(s). My client is requiring 3 websites to be finished in 30 days, all will be built using Webflow. I believe the best course is to avail the Professional plan for 30 days because the client will need the Unlimited Code Export and the Advanced features (Webflow brand removal).

My first question is after I complete the 3 websites and host them in Webflow, what will happen to these websites after the 30-day period of my Professional plan? Will the websites revert back to having the Webflow branding and the pages will get unpublished even though the sites are already hosted in Webflow’s own web hosting?

If that is indeed the case, If I want to host my websites within Webflow then I still have to avail the paid plans for as long as the websites are to be published and if I want to keep the websites clean of Webflow branding. So, In addition to the monthly hosting, I will also have to pay for the monthly plan. Am I understanding it correctly?

So if I just need to use Webflow paid plans for 30 days to design the 3 websites, then the best approach is to export the websites and host it somewhere else to avoid the unnecessary fees. Am I correct?

I need your expert advise so I could completely understand the process of handing out finished websites to clients.

I would really appreciate any help.


This professional plan Webflow brand removal only “Hide Webflow branding from HTML”. Most people/clients will not need this.

If you are making a CMS layout, the CMS editor will still continue to display Webflow branding. This setting is separate from the one you described above, and is $10.

Editor Branding
Replace the Webflow logo with your own logo or your client’s. Editor branding is $10 per site per month on our Starter and Personal plans, and $5 per site per month on our Professional and Team plans. Note: you can change other branding and publishing options in the Publishing Options section of the Hosting tab. Learn more

Your plan will continue to auto-renew until you cancel or downgrade.

If you downgrade, the sites hosted on the account will be downgraded as well. In your client’s case, I think a personal plan would work.

To transfer a site, it will have to be unpublished first. To avoid this, get your client to create a personal account, then you work directly from their account.

Correct. You have a few options:

  • Starter plan + hosting ($15 Basic hosting) x 3 sites = $45/month
  • Personal plan ($16/m) + hosting ($5 Basic hosting) x 3 sites = $31/month
  • Professional plan ($35/m) + hosting ($5 Basic hosting) x 3 sites = $50/month (possibly unnecessary)

If you have the time and technical knowledge to set it up elsewhere, sure why not?

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Except that CMS would get lost, right?

Hi samliew,

Thank you for taking the time and clearing up most of the confusion.

That is true. The professional plan may seem overkill so the second plan is enough for my client’s needs.

Thanks for clearing it up. All I needed to know is if a client has to have an active Webflow plan to continue hosting, and since the free plan has a limitation of 3 pages per project; and the branding removal feature is not really necessary as it will only appear in the exported code and will not, in any way, appear within the design itself.

One more question about this part you mentioned in your reply:

So that means if I have 3 websites created under my paid plan, let’s say those 3 websites have 10+ pages each, once I downgrade to the free plan, the pages of those 3 websites with the exception of the first 3 pages will get unpublished. Correct? So if a website requires more than 3 pages, then a paid plan is essential.

Thanks again.

Not if the project has either Paid (Basic or CMS) hosting, then you can have up to 80 pages.


Yes, CMS features currently cannot be exported, so you have to keep this in mind.

If you want to export and yet have a CMS, you have to integrate it with another CMS, for example, Wordpress.

Totally confused here.

The Pro Plan allows branding to removed.
And if you want to use the CMS… they charge you another fee.
And if you want the brand to removed in the CMS… they charge you another fee ?

What he is talking about is the CMS white labeling feature :slight_smile:

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