Is there a limit of collections per website?

Does anyone know if there is a limit of collections you can have on a website? I am not looking for the number of items you can have in a collection, but the number of individual collections you can have. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You might find this post useful. It says the limit is 20.

I did see that, is that still the current case? I thought it would have changed, but maybe not.

I just did a test the lime it 20 for CMS hosting but it’s 40 for business hosting.

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You’re the man Alex! They need to put you on payroll!

They need to put a lot of people on payroll!

I am on business hosting and I just tested adding collections and got to the 40 limit.

More limits are shown on the following page. You will need to click on “View Full Comparison”.

Hosting for single site plans …

Hosting for team plans …

There is no difference between single site and team plans for Basic, CMS & Business Hosting.

There are a few features on the Business plan that say to “Contact us for more”. The number of collections is not one of them. However, Webflow is a young company with a relatively small team. They may be flexible on this one too. But don’t count on it. Contact priority support and ask, it can’t hurt.

It would be interesting to see a use case for large sites that don’t use the CMS (ie they export the code). I am guessing they would use Webflow just for prototyping and generating the code for code intensive pages like ones with animations and interactions. After all, Webflow quote some impressive clients in their list, but I doubt they are using the CMS. Webflow, please chime in here. Surely, NASA is not subject to any limits in Webflow for their use case especially with NASA’s objective to go beyond any perceived limit.