Linking to Anchors or Sections in other pages

Should mention, I have it going to the sub-domain right now for testing, but I can see the URL correctly cited.
Wondering if as a last resort, using an absolute URL (manually listing in entirety) in the linking field would be best?

Let me clarify for all how this is done correctly.

You do NOT include the file extension (.html) at all when anchoring out to a div or section on another page in your site.
You will get the 404 error message.

For the record for any new Webflow users, here is how it is done.

  1. assign the div an ID name to better identify that particular content block. In some cases you may need to first assign a custom class name to the div in question before having the opportunity to also assign it a unique ID.
  2. create your hyperlink to go to an external page, so that you get the blank field, and type in the anchor like this: /services#help

That will do it!

Hi there Tine22

I’m trying to anchor a few div’s on my site using your directions but the 404 NOT FOUND page keeps popping up…

Can you break down the process in very basic terms please?


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This topic is closed but not solved @PixelGeek @cyberdave @samliew

Seems that for having a link to an anchor on another page, this won’t work:
URL to /anypage#anchorname

We exporters have to use:
URL to

(as to be seen on, look for the dropdown in the navbar, 2nd, 3rd etc link in the Ddown)

… and thus regrettably aren’t able to test on the

Apparently webflow staff haven’t seen (or at least responded sufficiently to) this old topic but maybe now is the time! :slight_smile:

Thx in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

And now just to draw attention to this topic:

How do Webflow staffers respond to my latest post (see before)? @cyberdave

Hi Webflow staff @cyberdave @pixelgeek @Brando

Would really appreciate your view on this topic!


Hi @TomLamers

Thanks for checking in on this.

We haven’t yet built out the native functionality to link to an anchor link on an other page.

However, using the full URL should still to achieve this. When building out your site in Webflow you can use the subdomain URL (e.g. Then when you are ready to export you can adjust the URL to use the custom domain as you mentioned.

This isn’t ideal, but will allow you to test these links before exporting.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Brandon

Thx for your reply!

But as you may have understood, I already knew how to work around this. What I am hoping for is that this functionality became a native part of Webflow, as the work around is practically unworkable. I would hope that customers who pay $ 240 a year (as I do) and use Webflow merely to design and build websites and then export, get the same attention and dedication as customers who also use Webflow as their host…

Could you give an estimate as to when this functionality can be built in?


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Juist to bump this because would really like to know if, and when, this native functionality will be built out ??

Hi @TomLamers thanks for pinging me on this and sorry I missed that previous reply.

We don’t have any specific ETA on a feature like this, but it’s something we are looking into more – we have a couple of internal enhancement requests around improving anchor links.

That said, it would be awesome if you want to keep the conversation going by creating a Wishlist item for this feature request.

We are always looking to improve Webflow and look to the Wishlist when planning out the feature roadmap.

Hi, i need an advice, please. I have button on homepage with link to section on another page (with id). Button (url) works fine, but if you scroll up to menu, navigation link is not active. How can i solved this. Thanks.

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HI @TomLamers

Thanks for your comment here.

The reason I don’t think this is a bug per say as the anchor links to other pages work as expected. So if the link setting is set to an external link and goes to, that link will lead to that URL. This is true for domains and exported sites.

The limitation you are referring to, if I understand correctly, is that when you export your site you need to ensure the external URL uses your custom domain, while if you are testing on the subdomain you need to ensure the URL uses the subdomain.

I agree that the UX here is not ideal and I’ve filed an internal enhancement request to improve control around anchor links. With this additional control, you should be able to specify a page and an ID in the settings and the Designer will fill in the blanks for you.

Again, I don’t have a solid time frame on when such an update will be rolled out but I’ll let you know as soon as I have more info. I really appreciate your help in improving this area of the Designer!

@Metrik that definitely sounds odd! Can you pleasereach out to support about this issue? Then we can help you resolve this right away.

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@Brando Thanks for link. I will try to.

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Hi @Brando

Thx for your interest in following up this issue!

I recall that in the past it was possible with Webflow to use relative paths like in ‘/pagename#anchor-Id’ or ‘…/pagename#anchor-Id’
I’m by far a code-expert but think this is a common way to refer to other pages on the same level or pages in a higher directory.

So, if this was once common in the WebFlow designer and now it is not, for whatever reason, it seems to me it is a bug.

FWIW, does it get resolved sooner if it is a bug? Then this is a bug :slight_smile:

Semantics are not that important in this discussion I think …

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I made a wish for this :smile:


It’s almost 3 years later any update on this lol?

This feature would be really helpful. I’m going to be working on our design system at work and I plan on using Webflow. It would be huge if I could link to sections on the documentation pages so people don’t have to traverse all the docs to see one part somebody wants to show them.

Still waiting for native input, BUT theres a super super simple way to do it (after much exploration)

Just put in /page/#achor-id (unless its ‘home’ then remove the page part) in the link settings. done.

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Doesn’t work when previewing within designer, as it will resolve to .

I’ve spent hours looking through the old topics, which are now closed. The issue has been around since '14. Seriously, I don’t understand why this hasn’t been resolved.

I stumbled across this because I have a contact form at the bottom of our home page. I don’t want a contact form at the bottom of each page, so I expect to be able to use a nav-link to jump to the contacts anchor on the home page.

The issue is really how to interpret the URL in Link Settings. Surely in designer, a link URL starting with ‘/’ can be replaced with and left alone during export? Why is that difficult? What are we missing?