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Copying and creating global content across pages

Hello, I’m pretty new to Webflow and it’s something I’m really excited about. I’ve just moved over from platforms like SquareSpace and Wordpress and so far everything is great. If it helps, I’m from a Graphic Design background, not a web dev background, but I know enough HTML/CSS to function in Webflow.

My first project, especially for expansively learning the platform, is redesigning my personal website and specifically doing all the things the depth of Webflow lets me do that I was cut short from achieving under platforms like SquareSpace as they’re a bit more shallow and general user friendly I guess.

The main thing I’m currently struggling with, however, is the idea of global content and copying global content across pages on my website. The example I have linked is the WIP for my personal portfolio website.

I started with designing the side navigation, and the first problem I had there was that when I duplicated out all the pages to start expanding the site I would have to manually go back through and set the links I’ve used for navigation as they’re not global content.

I’m facing the same problem again when designing for the responsive/device version of my website. I specifically want a desktop/laptop look and then for tablets and phones I want another layout and some altered content. I’m doing this by designing for two different sets of viewports.

However, much like the desktop side-nav, I’m looking for a way to copy across all the responsive/device-focused navigation elements as they’re the same on every page, as is the structure. However, this time, because it’s a new framework for viewports built inside the same page as the desktop version, I can’t even duplicate out the pages.

Is there a way to copy/paste all the Navigation content to my other pages? Do I have to rebuild on every page? Is there a smarter way to do this next time?

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Read the manual before you start

and see this topic ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits