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CMS Item Limitation

I am building a site and developing a good amount of base content before publishing. I was excited to see this was possible with no restrictions to how many items I could create using the CMS. I will be using CMS Hosting when I am ready to publish, but feel as though there is a discrepancy in policy. Recognizing that there is a difference between a Content Management System and Hosting I believe the first screenshot below is misleading after running into the second screenshot. Are these two screenshots contradictory or did I misunderstand that there are no restrictions on CMS Items?

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#2 Max number of items per collection (free): 100
Max number of items per collection (paid): 500 (can increase upon request)

You might find this helpful: ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

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Thank you for the links. Looks like you have done some serious research into feature limits. Wish I would have found your post earlier.

So I am currently on a Paid Personal plan and do not have a CMS Hosting plan…yet. As it stands right now I have 10 Dynamic Collections with a combined total of 326 collection items. The collection with the most items has 203.

It seems that a paid account (i.e. anything above the Starter Plan) has the ability to create “unlimited items”. Which would make sense since creating these items means 1. Your dynamic content can not be exported and 2. You will most likely be signing up for CMS Hosting.

My dilemma though is still, this random cap of 326 items. Thoughts?

You may want to contact support regarding resource usage, as they can look into your account.