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Reducing numbers on filter

Hi there,

We’re working on a cruise site and we have a filter bar. this uses dropdowns to select the required duration, location, cruise line, etc. We’re only designing the front end to show the client how the site will work before we hand it off to a back end developer to make all the drop downs and filter system work.

But we want to demo this feature to the client, so it will display how many cruises there are within their specific parameters (e.g. if they select a duration it’ll have a number above or within the search button saying 121 results… When they then select another filter like a theme, the number will shrink to say 50)

Is this at all possible within webflow?

Thanks in advance,

P.S I’ve attached a screenshot of the bar and results item mentioned

Before you start on a complicated project, please take a look at ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

  1. There is no search, multi-faceted filtering, or pagination functionality in Webflow.

  2. The current workaround, using Mixitup*, requires ALL of the items to be loaded on the page.

  3. Each collection list can display up to 100 items, and you can have up to 20 collection lists per page. That means if you “combine” them, you can display up to the first 2000 items in a collection. If you have more than 2000 items, the current workaround will fail.

  4. Not to mention, loading this amount of items on the page will definitely impact page load times. If you have 2000 items, you are loading 2000 images on the page. If each image is 100KB, you are pushing about 200MB of images to the visitors. If each image is 300KB, you are pushing about 600MB of images to the visitors (that’s about the size of a SD-movie).

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