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Alternative hosting for Webflow?

Hello, I joined Webflow one month ago and I have been very excited learning all the stuff you can do with the design tools. I love it!

I’m a musician / audio engineer looking into building a website to show my portfolio, services and blogs. Maybe some products later!

I fell in love with the CMS features, however I looked at the price and $192 a year is something I can’t really afford. And I believe I wont be using it, then.

The other plan is $144 and it’s still a lot for me. Although, I’d get it if it had CMS :frowning:

And I’m just wondering what’s the best choice for me? I really don’t know much about it. And I’ve seen some people just export the code and host it somewhere else? How well does that work?
Also, how would the forms work?

I hope that’s clear, I’m just a bit lost. Thank you for your time.

If you just need a single website, go with the free account with CMS hosting for one site.

To export, you will need a Lite Designer plan, and then you will need to find hosting elsewhere.

If you export, I assume you will have no hosting on the project. Forms will be continue to be sent to the project unless it has been deleted. Form submissions will also incur charges if it exceeds the amount allocated to your project’s hosting level.

Since you are new, I would also recommend looking at this ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

Thank you so much. The topic you linked really helps a lot.

So if I want to export the code I have to subscribe to a pro account and pay for a monthly fee. Does that mean that for every little change I want to make on the website I will have to subscribe for that month just to export the code?

I was planning to keep my site updated monthly with the content I’ve been making. But exporting the code sounds like Id spend as much as I’d do by paying for webflow’s hosting.

If I’m assuming right, then there doesn’t seem to be a balanced plan for me. :disappointed:

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