CMS Collection not functioning correctly - (custom lightbox)

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On this page, I have a collection that includes a vimeo link. When the user clicks on the thumbnail, it’s supposed to open a video lightbox with the appropriate video. What it’s doing is opening the same video every time, the video for the first thumbnail. Would love any help with this!

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Webflow components like Slider and Lightbox is not CMS-compatible. You’ll have to implement a workaround, that can be found on this forum.

Hey @samliew,

I was using a custom built “lightbox” using animations.

Hi @jocando

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Looks like you have some custom code on the page - so can’t guarantee this will fix it…but if you change the link settings on the ‘workplaywrapper’ to this - does that work for you?


Hope so… :crossed_fingers:

Hi @jocando

I took a look at your site and the custom lightboxes appear to be showing their respective videos now. Did solution @StuM recommend work for you?

Sort of! It was the custom code that was making the collections not work right. I was using the code to make the videos stop playing after the lightbox is closed. So, that problem still exists if you know of any solutions?

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Hmm. Definitely a fun problem to solve. I’m no JS expert, but I know this is definitely possible.

I found this Stack Overflow resource that may help get you started!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Thanks for the resource!

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