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Support have ignored me for weeks now


I have requested a theme refund over a month ago now.

Emails have been ignored.
Twitter DMs and tweets have been ignored.
The Support Bot doesn’t work.

Just know I requested a refund within the timelimit but support have ignored me for so long I’m worried they’ll say “it’s too late now” when it wasn’t even my fault.


Sorry to hear that you’ve not received a response.

I don’t believe there’s any information in the Template FAQ on whether or not refunds are offered for theme purchases, but I pinged @WebflowCommunityTeam in another thread about this to see if they could shed some light on the subject.

Personally I’d be surprised if something like this would get a response via Twitter and I feel like the chat bot is mainly used to mitigate straightforward support questions, so I’d suggest reaching back out to them via email. As long as refunds are offered and you have a record of asking for the refund within that time frame, I’m sure they will honor it for you.

Did you get a response? I am in the same position. What email address should I contact? Finding this a little difficult.

Same problem here, I only wanted to pay for a Site Plan, but the website tricks you into buying another plan that doesn’t include hosting or anything, I paid for both things but I only need the site Plan and want a refund of the other service I don’t need. I have tried every way and have no response at all, frustrating, and kind of dishonest as well.

Welcome to the community @AmindfulPath.

So sorry to hear you feel as though you were “tricked” in some way, although I will admit it can be confusing looking at the pricing options for Account and Site plans. You can always explore the tool and launch a staging site with up to 2 static pages and 50 CMS items completely free before needing to decide on a Site plan (to publish your project to a custom domain) and/or an Account plan (to allow exporting projects, unlock more robust staging sites, or to increase the amount of your un-hosted projects).

I’ve include a number of threads below from other members in the community that cover the differences between the two types of membership available that you can check out:

Additionally there’s a helpful pricing page that outlines all of the differences between the two types of plans available:

If you’d like to request a refund for the extra plan you ended up purchasing, it’s best to reach out to Webflow Support (if you haven’t already) and they will get the issue sorted out as quickly as possible. Normally I’ve found that they respond within a day or two, however they have a notice that support is operating a bit slower than usual due to a higher volume of requests.

In the case of the original post in the thread, they were looking for support in regards to a theme purchase, but I’ve found that requests involving accounts tend to have a higher priority. It’s also worth noting that the support team doesn’t typically monitor the community for requests like this so making posts won’t necessarily make the process go any quicker.

Just for full transparency, I am not affiliated with Webflow other than being a customer like yourself and an active member of the community so I can’t really help you much more than with the information above. Again, sorry to hear about the issue and hopefully it gets resolved soon :webflow_heart: