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Plan choice. I’m a little confused about the options

Hi. Im trying to figure out which plan is best for me. I am a ux designer. I do occasional freelance that requires wireframes and site building. I may want to design a second or 3rd website for myself in addition to my portfolio. What is the best option for me? Seems like if I want to design multiple websites, for myself or clients then I would go with the account plan but then purchase hosting somewhere. But if I need cms for clients, I would need to go with the cms site plan in a case by case basis—and maybe the basic site plan for myself? Am I trying to fit too many things into one basket?

Thanks for listening.

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If you plan on exporting any of your projects to host elsewhere, you should choose the Lite Account plan—which is the first level that offers site export—and then you can have up to 10 unhosted ( projects available in your dashboard at any given time. Once you publish a project with Webflow hosting, it no longer counts towards that account limit.

If you don’t expect to have more than two actively developed projects at any given time and plan to host all of your projects on Webflow, then you can stick with the Free Account plan and add Site plans as needed for your hosted sites.

In addition to code export and 8 additional unpublished projects, the Lite Account plan gives you enhanced staging (with up to 100 static pages and 50 CMS items on your unpublished Webflow projects) and unlimited project transfers which may come in handy as a freelancer.


Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m still unsure what’s right for me and probably need to learn more about the tool. Questions I have are - can I create a design system and use it for multiple sites, client sites. Is this possible if I set the client up with an individual site plan for each project? Or would I need the account plan to do this? I don’t want to have to rebuild component libraries for every project.
Again, I think I need to learn more about how webflow works.

For reference, I’m currently working in sketch/abstract to build component libraries and design pages to hand off to dev. Thanks

You can create elements that can be copied between projects (CTRL/CMD+C & CTRL/CMD+V) but it’s currently not possible to share symbols across multiple projects. Webflow have mentioned on a few occasions that they’re working on that functionality—with some other changes like nesting symbols within symbols and renaming those elements to “components” instead—but there’s no planned release date for that.

I think for now im narrowing to the basic site plan or the lite account plan. Plan to explore the CMS site plan as needed, for now i dont need it.

Guessing that copying symbols between site plan projects (lets say i set up individual site plans for individual clients and one for myself) would not work.

ok, so if i want to copy symbols between projects, im guessing I would probably need the account plan. Does how ive explained that make sense?

thanks for your insight

rereading all of this I think i am going to end up with the lite account plan.

The Lite Account plan doesn’t change the base functionality of Webflow, so all the features are the same across each plan—even Free.

Guessing that copying symbols between site plan projects (lets say i set up individual site plans for individual clients and one for myself) would not work.

I’ve actually never tried copying a symbol, however even if it was possible they wouldn’t be “linked” together between projects—this is the functionality coming later. You can break a symbol first, copy the element over to the new project, and then create a symbol from it though.

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@Kpduffy777 were you able to figure out what plan to get? On the topic of client websites, consider creating one template and then copy (this is an option in your dashboard) that template website each time for a new client.

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Thanks. I ended up with he lite plan. I think its the right fit for me. Im building a site now to get familiar with the tool, and really stoked on the webflow university.