Price plans - Confused

I need to create an e-commerce site for a client. Do I buy an e-commerce site plan or do i need an account too? If I buy a e-commerce site plan, can I hide the made with webflow banner? Plans and Accounts are super confusing. I emailed support but I am still not clear

Account plans are for if you need to work on the project before they subscribe to the Hosted plan.

Without the Account plan, you are limited to only 2 pages and 2 projects.

If you want to work on the complete project without the account plan, you need to start subscribing on the Hosted plan from the get go.

I hope that makes sense.

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Can I work on an E-commerce site from an Account Plan? and won’t it be more expensive as I’ll have to pay the account pland and the e-commerce site plan? I am sorry if I sound dim

Account is for you as designer to use Webflow and build stuff with it. Site plans are for hosting your projects. Simple as that.

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So I always need an Account even if I am doing one of site? I normally don’t build sites as i am a visual designer but I have a client that wants the site built for them. I would normally give it to a programmer but now I want to do it myself in webflow. I am not sure if i am going to have many clientes like this and with the economic situation i don’t want to commit to a year subscription.

The pay monthly for however long it takes to build one project.

edit: or just purchase hosting for a project from the start and build it at the same time. This way you will only pay for hosting.

edit2: so if you have site hosted working on it is the same as having your proper account. But only for this one project