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I don't understand the billing/costs

I used to pay $192 a year to host my site (I had a discount code which made it $92).

Now, I did a month by month plan. But I’m being told I have to pay $24 for my account, and $20 for my site to use a custom domain per month. Per year that’s $528. I can’t even cancel my account plan, and if I did, even I’m paying for my site, I can only have 2 pages.

Why the insane jump? Even if I paid in bulk per year, it would not be anywhere close to $528. I just wanted to host one site to a custom domain. What am I doing wrong? Are there new charges I’m not aware of?

Welcome to the community and sorry to hear about the confusion with the pricing.

If you’re working on no more than two projects at once that aren’t hosted (meaning they’re on the domain) then you don’t need an Account plan—all you need to do is pay for the Site plans of the sites you wish to host on a custom domain. As soon as you choose to host a site on Webflow, it no longer counts towards this 2 site limit. The 2 page limit your seeing is just for unhosted “staging” sites—and once you add hosting you get access to more pages/features.

Since your site has a CMS plan, the month-to-month cost would be $240 for the year ($192 if you were continuing with your annual plan). The Account plan is only needed if you’re working on more than two sites that aren’t hosted and/or you’d like to export the projects to host elsewhere.

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Hey @mikeyevin this is misleading then?

Account plans are for you, the designer and they do not include hosting or the ability to connect a custom domain. The free Starter plan allows you to test out Webflow and its features and build 2 pages/project. To unlock more pages to build in any project, our users would need to add an account plan such as Lite, Pro, or Team.

Site/Hosting subscriptions are sold one-per-site, and they allow you to connect a custom domain.

Please note that since your project has more than 2 pages, those pages will be locked since they would be on the free plan that does not support them.

It seems like they’re saying even if I have a site plan…I can only have two pages…unless I pay extra for an account plan. But…I’ve already had a site plan and had more than two pages. Is what they’re saying accurate?

It makes no sense to have an account plan to be able to have more than two pages, and then a site plan for connecting to a host. The site plan should have BOTH multiple pages AND custom domain hosting, right?

Hmmm, it doesn’t seem like they’re necessarily saying you need an Account plan alongside a Site plan but I will admit it’s a bit vague.

Did you remove your Site plan from the project? If so, their mention of the 2 page limit makes sense as you will only have access to 2 of the pages until you pay for hosting—which would enable the ones that are locked.

If you chose not to host your site you would need to have a paid Account plan in order to access these extra pages since it’s not included in the Free tier. The two aren’t needed together unless you want some of the other paid Account plan features.

Thanks for the explanatino @mikeyevin , it was really useful. I had my site plan and account plan both inactive. I renewed and somehow signed up for both and didn’t understand why I needed both.

I was going to remove the account plan but then the person I spoke to told me I’d only have two pages and that the site plan was for connecting to a domain, or at least that’s how I understood it.

Your explanation was great!

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