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Paid customer here - Support unresponsive via email or twitter!

How do I get a reply from support for an issue with my paid account?!


It’s unfortunate to hear you are having problems getting a response from Webflow support. The forums are not an official support channel so I would not count on a response. If you can share the nature of your support request we may be able to help you if it is something that can be addressed by the community.

Maybe you can tell me what official support channel can I reach to get a reply regarding billing issues?

Try the chat feature here.

Ok, I have just done that.

Thanks for the suggestion and maybe someone needs to seriously look into how they handle customer support before making any purchase.

Like @webdev said, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble reaching support. In general support has been strained recently due to remote working but they’ve said a number of times that they are looking at ways to improve the overall support process/availability.

Based on your screenshot it looks like this has to do with a Template purchase, is that correct? If so, this is an area of support that I’ve found replies tend to be the slowest based on other users in the community.