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Nested Pages / Folders are ready!

Hey guys, we’ve been hard at work building one of our most requested features: subpages and page reordering!

Here’s how it works… when you get to the Webflow Designer, you should see a new “Create Folder” button in the page list:

That small little button now lets you organize your pages in a clean hierarchical way, like so:

You can also reorder pages & folders by dragging the new “reorder” handle on each row:

Link to nested pages is just as easy as before, with the Link Settings dialogs showing you the full hierarchy of your site’s page structure:

Some things to keep in mind:

  • When moving pages around from one folder to another, or when renaming folder or page slugs, please keep in mind that the final URL of the page(s) will change! The older URLs will display a 404 error, unless you explicitly add redirects to your site to forward traffic to the new URL. (We’ll be adding a confirmation dialog to make sure this is obvious in the UI very soon.)
  • The home page can’t be dragged inside a nested folder, and pages inside folders can’t be made into the home page.

Hope you guys get a lot of benefit from this feature, and please let us know if you find any issues with it, or have any suggested improvements! You can either contact us at, or just reply here on this thread.

Oh, and one last thing - huge congrats to @kristofer! This is his first feature going live since joining Webflow last month, with many many more to come! :metal:


Awesome! Testing, testing testing testing. :smile:


Is it possible to reach this settings again, if want to change the link at a later point(without going to the settings panel)?

Thanks for this new feature btw!! =D As always its getting better and better.
(I’m expectant about another feature that also been requested alot =D )

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Thanka for the update guys! Very excited to give this a whirl. Will be thoroughly testing today but so far so good.

P.S. @kristofer I salute you! :smiley:


Grande gol de Webflow! I’ll check it out!

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Worked with this in the past 3 hours and works pretty much Perfect!


It looks like the Webflow team has done it right! I’m getting used to this…

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Only thing i really miss is page switching in preview mode, apart from this i am loving this update!

You can always click on a link to go to the proper page. It works ;)

If your working on numerous page revisions that are static (no linking in page) then the Page tab would be really useful. I think @thesergie mentioned yesterday that this would be brought back in another post…


It seems the ULR actually does not change. Only new pages created under new folders get a domain/folder/page URL structure. This is quite handy to handle the transition though.

Hi guys!

Just a few minutes to check that everything works fine. Good job!!
Just I think 2 things left or I cannot see them.

1º Duplicate a folder
2º Reorder the folders

I don´t know if its technically complicate but both are very interesting options.

Thanks for the excellent job!

Ad. 2.

What about simple alphabetical sorting of pages (and folders)?

If you have a lot of pages which you don’t have in folders it would be a good idea. But think about that… Folders actually gives you a control over your pages. You can categorize them easily and rearrange their order so they are alphabetical or in groups etc.

Hi @bartekkustra,

No in my UI. I started with the Ctrl+Shift+L. Don´t know if this makes the difference.


Could you share a screenshot of your pages panel? Also please refresh the browser, clear the cache and do the same thing on Incognito Mode in your browser if that didn’t work for you.

logout, login again and ctrl+f+o

In the case when I have only 10-20 pages, all I need is alphabetical ordering. I don’t need folders in this specific case, because they are more complex solution than the problem requires :smile:

And even with lots of pages and folders, alphabetical sorting would make work easier.

Takes 20 secs to order them manually then :wink: