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Please make the page list sortable

Lost of things are sortable in Webflow, the Interaction list, the Symbols list… I’ve asked for the Pages list to be sortable and I’m a bit desperate to see it happening. I’ve spent bucks to create a Webflow Organization plan to bring my client to the site but what I have to show is this:

and this

And i’m struggling soon with the 100 pages limitations so I’d like not to waste pages as markers.

Thank you for listening! This would help me push webflows adoption at my clients.


Hey @vincent, it’s just around the corner:

Also, we’re currently rolling out an experimental feature to add “page packs” to specific sites for our Team plans, which will give you the ability to go beyond 100 pages. Send me a PM if you’d like to know more about it.

cc/ @uzzer @Optimal @matt50 @Mordi_Levi

It seems there’s 2 very good news today! So glad I’m going to be able to clean my client site + SO GLAD I’m not going to have to refuse them extra pages after 100 (: That had kept me awake at night sometimes.

PMing you right now (I have way more than 2 hands).