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Nested Pages / Folders are ready!

Ok, now get opening and closing a couple times. It doesnt work with Ctr+FO in Windows but its working.


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Lovely work Webflow! Keep it up!!

Fantassssssstic !
You guys are great.

Not exactly 20 seconds… With plenty of things to fix on the site itself, the last thing I want is to take my focus away with ordering a list alphabetically. And I’d have to do this every time I add a new page. It’s a nuisance.

Thank you guys, very nice to have.

Sorry, I wasn’t taking your request seriously because I’ve never felt this need. Now that I think about it I believe it’s important to your workflow.

Actually alphabetical sorting is a good implementation not only for pages, by classes, as well - currenthly I struggle finding a specific class I want to delete. If they were ordered alphabetically, I’d find it immediately. So once we have this sorting “core”, we could easily have, I guess, for classes and assets.

Great implement!!! We need it for the classes also.

@tim - we’re working on bringing back page switching in preview mode later today!

@vincent - are you sure the URL isn’t changing for you after you publish the site? If it doesn’t it’s certainly a bug :wink:

@rafagama54 - duplicating folders is quite complex (since they can contain many levels of other nested folders and pages). It may be something we implement in the future, but don’t have immediate plans to do that yet. As @bartekkustra mentioned, you can already reorder folders when you don’t have an edit form open.

@uzzer - Interesting thought re: alphabetical ordering. Thinking about it :thumbsup: In regards to classes, it’s a tougher problem, because in CSS order matters (things defined later “win” over earlier declarations). This is something we’re thinking through as well.

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@tim - I just pushed a change to bring back the ability to switch pages in preview mode - give it a shot and let me know if it works for ya!


Just tested on a site that I duplicated. Around twenty five pages, which were all in a different order to the site menu itself.
Now they are neatly organised in separate menu headed canonical folders…PERFECT!

Just out of interest, when I press create new page I no longer get the option to duplicate a page, if I want to duplicate I now have to go into the settings of the page I want to duplicate itself and the option is now there. This happens both with or without the beta test. Noticed it earlier. Is it supposed to do this or is it a bug?

Also, the organising of the folders in the GUI is simply for back end tidying purposes isn’t it, it has no bearing on the order of the out putted site, is that correct?

As usual awesome work WF.

@Golden28 As I mentioned earlier in the original post, organizing into folders DOES have an impact on the URL structure once you publish! Your old URLs will no longer work, and will show 404 messages, unless you specifically set up redirects.

Let’s say you had a site with 4 pages:

  • Home
  • About our Team (Slug: ‘team’)
  • About our Investors (Slug: ‘investors’)
  • Contact Us (Slug: ‘contact’)

Before you organize into folders, your URL structure will be something like this: <- Home page

If you create a folder called “About Us” and give it a slug of “about”, then move the two “about related” pages in there, your structure will become:

About Us

  • Our Team
  • Our Investors

When you publish, your actual site URL structure will change to: <-- Notice the extra “about/” <-- here too

This means that if you had external links already going to your pages, the following two would return a 404: <-- Page not found (now at /about/team) <-- Page not found (now at /about/team)

So if you’re doing this on a live production site, please keep in mind that your URLs will change and be careful!

We’re adding some visual messages to the UI to make this more clear - hoping to roll that out in the next few hours.

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Hi, Thanks for the explanation.

That all makes sense except when I publish and test the site the folder names do not appear before the page names, it just still says the page names.

So, for example I have a folder structure like this:

• Building with Us (folder) build-systems (page/slug name)

But when I publish and navigate to that page the url says:

with no mention of the folder name. Does the site need to be officially “live” for the structures to show, not just in webflow publish/preview?

@Vlad now you got me confused, I went back to it and everything has an updated URL…

Now the only possible explanation is that the trolls stealing my socks at home are now ALSO fixing my websites at night.

This is not a good news at all!

Have a good day.

Working like a treat! Thanks for the update!

@Golden28 - that doesn’t sound right - could you please send an email to along with a link to your site and mention me? I want to take a look to see what might be going on.

Email sent.

Funnily enough, I’m designing another site and used the beta folders option and it works perfectly as designed.

Much needed feature. Thanks to the whole team! @callmevlad let’s say I create a subfolder with pages like so:

Can I still create a page


This is too awesome! I got it included in my site the day I got the email GREAT JOB GUYS!

@LaurentCardinal - good question. Not yet, but soon!