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Any way to re-order the pages vertically?

It seems that the page order going vertically down in the pages slide out menu / panel?

Just my 2 cents, a ‘re-order’ button that once clicked would allow the drag n’drop re-ordering would be the best / fastest solution for how my brain works.

Also, is there a shorcut key for the pages slide out menu?

Kinda like how ‘A’ slides open the ‘Element objects’ panel

No need for a button, reorderable lists in Webflow are everywhere and everybody has keep asking for a reorder feature, even with folders capabilities. Maybe it’s because it raises some other concerns (should folders have an impact on the url etc) that it’s still not there but I myself ask for it regularly, I’m struggling without this feature and it’s more and more difficult to tell my client that we can’t clean the mess. If you read all the posts from Webflow stuff there was a bunch of announcements expected in August but we didn’t see much… a few days ago someone said they’re busy doing ground work.

No shortcut. Type “?” in the designer for all shortcuts (almost all).

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Hey guys, sorry for the delay on this - it ended up taking a lot more time than anticipated. It’s just around the corner though, and you can play with it now in beta: