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First of all, thanks for the Webflow. So far, I’m really happy with its capabilities. However, there is one thing I’m looking for: how can we create a child page?

I do not know if it is the correct term but what I mean is

parent page: category

child page 1: support

child page 2: general

child page 3: feedback


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Hi, you can create your own custom nav using an html embed that has menu and sub-menu, if that is what you mean, but I think in webflow, the navbar widget only supports pages on single level, and no sub menu links, if that is what you mean.


Thanks for your reply,

If Webflow does not support the multi-level navbar, I will try the embedded menu. Could you also explain how I can change the URLs of the child pages please? In webflow they are all on the same level, but I want the link to be like…

I hope that multi-level navbar would be added to future plans

Thanks but how can I place the new page under the previous one? On page settings, to URL I cannot write .com/something/childpage

I don’t think you can do this in webflow currently. You can create additional pages like what @PixelGeek showed, but in url, you have choice to use a sub-directory only if you create an export first and host on another server… otherwise, you just get a list of pages you have created in webflow on same level in the drop down list of pages…

thanks, i will try to find a solution.

@yenikahve You can’t yet add folders and organize pages in folders in Webflow, but we are planning to add this functionality as it’s very much needed!


Thanks Sergie, great news

I am not sure if my solution is an efficient one but here it is:

I created a column section and then added a different navbar for 2/6 columns.

Could you please send your feedbacks?


What are you aiming to do here?

Hi, I have run into this need also to have submenus… while I know that currently webflow not have submenus, I think that @yenikahve is creating multiple columns on the nav bar with multiple menus, and my response to that would be to keep on that track…

Be creative with the menus, and maybe make the design using multiple navs, like your main pages with nav menu on top, then maybe use a nav menu in a sidebar menu for sub pages…

But although I am not sure if using multiple cols in the nav bar will work for your site, I guess it depends on your design, but you have opportunity now to do something different and creative :smile:


Ok, since Webflow hasn’t released this feature yet… here’s what I need to do. Webflow can you help advise on how I can do this…

I want to create my site based on the following structure example:

MAIN FOLDER: i.e. … etc.


Because Webflow does not allow me to build a site with subfolders as described above, I intend to export the site and then in Dreamweaver I would need to build the “MAIN FOLDER/SUBFOLDERS” structure.

What necessary changes must be made to the CSS (and indeed anything else!) to allow the site to work after the new structure is built in Dreamweaver?


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Hi @magichristopher, the exported files from Webflow use relative paths, so you just have to adjust paths in your exported files for links, images etc, to point to the correct files on your site.

For example, if I have a default path of:


and my images are really located on my server in subfolder-two, then after export, I would change my image path to be:


If my image was in subfolder-two and then in another subfolder after that, such as subfolder-three, then your path would be:


Since you are the one who is making the structure in your external site, you just need to plan out how you will store your css, images, scripts etc, and update the paths to those in the html exported file. You may also need to change your css files to change the path of any background images used in your designs to point to the correct path locations.

I hope that helps, cheers.


Thanks for that. I’ve now exported the site from Webflow. I manually created subfolders to hold pages according to categories. However after I drag any page to its new subfolder, the CSS does not work on the page any more. How do I update the CSS so it points to the designated five subfolders and their contents as well?

(Note: css, fonts, images and jss folders have all stayed in the root folder … ONLY site pages themselves have been moved into subfolders)

Thanking you in advance!

Once you open up the html file you should find the link to the css. Once there you will notice the css/filename.webflow.css. You need to specify the parent folder so the beginning should be ../ and then the current filename.

Good luck with that.

@yenikahve @PixelGeek @magichristopher @bartekkustra We’ve just released nested subpages into beta - would love your help testing it on non-production sites!

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another huge feature?



From the discussion looks like its the feature that allows us to have a ‘multi-level nav bar’ i.e. once we click the ‘about button’ the menu drop downs and one of the options has its own menu that opens up upon clicking or when the mouse hovers over it… But I can’t figure out how to implement it.

Basically this is the feature I’m looking for. If there is a way to do it would appreciate some guidance about it.

Hi @emvision, thanks for your post, sorry for the late reply. We do not have support for multi-level dropdown menu widgets yet, the current dropdown widget supports a single level at the moment.

We would also like to make the menu’s more robust, so keep an eye out for this in future updates.

Cheers, Dave