Ability to put content in Folder and have it be a page and a folder

Hi! I think this new Folders feature is great. But there’s a problem.

Say I have a page named «website1» inside folder «web»: http://mysite.com/portfolio/web/website1, and it looks just fine.

But I also need http://mysite.com/portfolio/web to show the list of my works. This is what I get if I try to create a page named «web» inside folder «web»:

Am I missing something? Is there a way to make http://mysite.com/portfolio/, http://mysite.com/portfolio/web/ and http://mysite.com/portfolio/web/website1 work all together?

upd. Example of hierarchy I’m trying to achieve:



This has been asked a few times here I think but at the moment it’s not possible I’m pretty sure.

Hi @pjs, thanks for the post. At the moment, you would need to use separate slug names for page or folder on the same level. Basically, you cannot use a folder path to display page content, you would need to create a new page under the folder. We will be changing this soon though to allow for content to be added at the folder level :slight_smile: I hope that helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave


+1. That will be very welcome!

Would be a first nice move to build a “static blog” with Webflow.

@cyberdave holding you to it!

Keep up the great work Webflow!

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any update regarding this feature? timeframe?

thank you and keep up the good work!!

Would love to see this feature implemented.

Would be perfect!!! :grinning:

The real problem with the current situation is that if you previously had a page and then replace it with a folder by the same name, then the page still seems to be being pulled when the old slug is typed… I cannot remove the page because Webflow already thinks it’s gone!

EDIT: Ideally, for the time being, why not make it that the folder slug redirects to a page within the folder if it is named something particular e.g. ‘main’ or ‘index’?

@vincent @guihnz @Aperion @alexi @Marxamus @michael

Today I’ve tried to create folder having existing page with the same name—and it worked. Thanks!

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