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Zapier/Salesforce integration

I’m building a page that will be hosted on my client’s server and run on their domain. I signed up for a Zapier account but I’m running into uncertainties pretty much right away.

What should I be putting in the “Custom Value for Site Name Short Name” and “Form Name” fields?

They say “Provide the Site Name Short Name, not the Name here.” and I have no idea what that means. Their “Learn more here.” link was unhelpful to say the least.

@Cricitem have you had a chance to follow these steps?

At a glance that looks like Zapier may have made an update to the interface so I’ll take a look ASAP and update this article if anything is missing with screenshots. Be sure to have one form submission in your Webflow site that you can use to test the data as well.

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I had not found that page, but it doesn’t do much to answer my questions, unfortunately. The “Custom Value for Site Name Short Name” is gibberish to me.

My initial question is basically, if I choose the page I am working on for the “Site Name”, will it still work when I export the code and the page is hosted away from Webflow?

Yes by default, IF the project is not deleted from your account (you still have to pay for quota if you hit the form submission limit based on the hosting plan). This Zapier trigger is just a webhook when the form submission handler on Webflow’s servers receive the email, which will still be IF the default form action is unchanged.

No, IF you specify/change the default form action. That means you have implemented a third-party email handler (pointed the emails to be sent elsewhere). Whether you can use Zapier or not depends on the service.

Official responses can be found here:

The follow-up question, then, is what does “Form Name” mean?

Where it says “we didn’t find any form names in your account” does it mean no forms on that site, or is there something else I’m supposed to do within Webflow before Zapier will be able to locate whatever it’s looking for?

Submit the form once before coming back here.

I’m here looking for help even setting up the form in the first place.

I’ll learn my lesson and look elsewhere.

What do you mean? I have been answering your questions accurately.

Hey @Cricitem,

When someone gives you help/advice that is seemingly ridiculous, take a step back and see if you are in fact missing the point in the first place.

@samliew is absolutely right.

Here are the steps:

  1. Set up the form on webflow.
  2. Go to form’s settings and change the name to whatever you want
  3. Publish your page on
  4. Go to your xxx/ page and send out the form once
  5. Do what you did on Zapier. You will see your form name appearing.

Zapier needs you to send the form at least once to retrieve the payload and ascertain the form is set up correctly.
This is the same for every zap you do on Zapier.

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