Send new Webflow submissions to HubSpot forms with Zapier with custom action set on the form

I have a sign-up form on our website with a custom URL set up in the Action field, which will prevent the default form submission.


But I want to send the form data to HubSpot form also through Zapier, which requires the Webflow submissions, otherwise, it won’t show the form on Zapier.

So how can I achieve this?

Any help here guys, @memetican @ChrisDrit

Submit your form to a Zapier webhook instead, and have Zapier submit it to Hubspot.

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Is it this zap - POST to webhook URLs with new submissions to Webflow

You want the Webhook trigger.

Okay, I am setting up the Trigger on the first step with the ‘Catch Hook’ Event and also got the test submission from the form. But now there is no Action set up to send the form data to the external API for signup as shown in the image earlier. Where should it be?

The webhook URL is the action for your Webflow form.
That POSTs your form data directly to Zapier, and there you do what you want with it… Hubspot, email, CMS API…

I believe you have your wires crossed.

A great way to learn this stuff is to look at examples.

Here’s one:

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it demonstrates how to wire together a Webflow form with a Zapier Webhook, which is where you’ve gone wrong from what I can tell.

At a high level, you want to take the Zapier Webhook URL:

And add it to your forms action field, replacing what you’ve already added:

Now, when you submit your form…

  1. You submit it to the Zapier Webhook
  2. Zapier grabs all the form fields submitted
  3. You can send that data to Hubspot (or wherever)

Webflow form → Zapier → Hubspot

Setting up Webhooks is a tad bit confusing, at first. But once you do it a few times it becomes much easier.

Give that a try.

If it doesn’t work reply with some screenshots with your setup and tell me what’s failing. Happy to help you become successful with it.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I got the idea.

However, I added the Zapier Webhook URL to the Action field and then tried to submit the form, but it’s still not showing any entries on Zapier.


Simplify your test.

  1. Remove your redirect URL.
  2. Publish site
  3. Submit your form from the published site.
  4. Go to Zapier and click the “test trigger” button.
  5. Find all your form data :+1:

Still no luck! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I also published the site on the official custom domain but it’s still not showing any entries.

I believe you don’t need to add a webhook in the Integrations tab too, which is not working anyway.

I also saw a similar post from years ago, but for me, it’s not working on the Zapier stage only.

Edit: On a side note, is it possible to submit the default Webflow form by some javascript code with the action, so that it can also be captured by Zapier?

You’ve got something setup wrong, but I can’t see what it is, here.

First thing to try.

  1. Go to and grab the URL it creates.
  2. Add that to your forms action.
  3. Publish
  4. Submit

See anything?

Second thing to try.

Remove the Webhook, remove the value in the action and redirect fields within your form (so they are both empty), and add a Webflow Zap.

Once added you can search for the form name and hook into this way.

Try that.