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When exporting code for client to host on their own, how to get form submissions to work?


Loving Webflow and thinking of using it for my web design needs. I will be selling web design services to businesses for a once off payment.

Webflow is appealing because it allows me to export the code and let my client host it on their existing hosting account. This makes life a lot easier and saves having to sell the client on a monthly retainer (which may or may not be a deal breaker in some scenarios).

I want to be sure that form submissions still work after having exported the code to a clients website. I know I can set the receiver email and subject line within Webflow, but it seems like it is still processing the form via Webflow even with the code exported and hosted elsewhere.

What I am afraid of is that at some point in the future (be it months or years) I may unsubscribe from Webflow. What happens to the forms being processed and sent to my client if I stop being a paying member of Webflow?

Thank you

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Sweet! Glad you’re liking Webflow. :slight_smile: Exported code will definitely work after exporting the code. The form submissions have to be recorded on a server and we take care of that for you.

If you unsubscribe from a paid plan in the future, your forms that were created inside Webflow will still accept submissions, but you will not be able to view them unless you are on a subscription. Once you subscribe again you will be able to view the form data.

Does that answer your question @krzysiek?



Thank you for your speedy reply!

I understand that if I unsubscribe, I will not be able to log in and view the submitted form data. But this is not a problem in itself, as I would not be allowing my clients access to Webflow in a normal scenario.

I would design the site in Webflow, once client is happy, export the code to their domain.

I would set the form submissions to go to their email address. While I remain a paying Webflow customer, any form submissions made on my clients website would go to their email address. But what I was meaning to ask (sorry if I was a little unclear) is, if I am no longer a paying customer – will the form submissions made on my clients website continue to forward to their email address?

Or will the form submissions stop being sent to their email address if I stop being a paid customer?

EDIT: As you haven’t replied yet, I’d like to add this to the above. What about if I export a clients website, and do not have any plans to work with them again in the future – & as a result, I remove their site from my Webflow dashboard. Will this stop the forms from sending them emails? How does this get affected if I stop paying?

Side question: If I integrate mailchimp into my design, won’t that cause issues when designing in Webflow? The Webflow form is very easy to customise for all display sizes, but if I embed Mailchimp form code into Webflow, logically it seems I will be unable to modify it within Webflow and so it may not work well on all device sizes?

Thanks again! :smile:

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Thanks for the questions Chris! If you unsubscribe, but your website is still receiving form submissions you’ll get an email like this:

If you delete your project on Webflow, but you still have Webflow forms running on another host, then I suspect that there might be an error when trying to submit the form. We won’t be able to save the form entries because the connection to your site has been severed. In that case you would have to hook up your own forms manually.

And yeah you are correct about Mailchimp. You won’t be able to use the editor to edit the look and feel of mailchimp’s embed.

@thesergie Thanks for your reply!

I see in another thread you guys have now included the “redirect URL” for a successful form submission - good stuff, thank you!

I would still like to talk with you a bit more about the form though. Obviously you guys have your own agenda and goals, and that’s to keep people on board with Webflow for as long as possible. Completely understandable, you are operating a business. But I believe that your product is so good, that you really don’t need to worry about subtly forcing customers to stay subscribed.

I don’t mean that in a bad way, nor do I mean that it was done intentionally – but I am sure I am speaking on behalf of the majority of your users when it comes to making some changes to the current way the forms are run.

Handling it through your own servers is a good idea, and having it send an email is also good (and standard) practice. However, I don’t believe this is where the functionality for the forms should end. There should be a possibility to allow the forms to continue to function, even after the site has been exported, or a customer has cancelled their Webflow account, or they have removed the project from their dashboard. I do not mean Webflow should continue to host it free of charge for all of eternity, but another option should exist.

An option I propose would be to allow users to host their own forms using their own hosting account, bypassing the need for Webflow to store the form entry and email the client.

Right now, Webflow is 100% what I want, need and desire – if and only if I am building sites for myself.

If I want to build a one off site for a client (which is the main part of my business, and I am confident I am part of the majority on this) then the current functionality is usable, but far from ideal.

Not all Webflow users will have or want their clients to access the Webflow dashboard. They may not really even want to advertise Webflow to their client all that much. The current emails include a link to edit form fields, and identify themselves as coming from Webflow etc. A short term solution would be to allow users to customise entirely the sender, subject line and content of the email.

I realise that customising the “from email” represents problems, as if Webflow is sending emails and marking them as sent from "email@randomusersdomain.com" then the mail carriers may pick up on this as spam and inboxing rates could suffer.

This is again why I would recommend Webflow implement the ability for users to use their own hosting accounts to send simple emails with each form entry. This will allow users to create an SPF record on their domain and so they can set whatever “from email” and not have any problems getting marked as spam.

This would also solve the problem of not needing to keep clients websites active in the dashboard, or having to stay subscribed to Webflow forever. It would also take load off of your servers (to what degree I can only speculate). But importantly, it would allow me to build a site for a client, export it and have it running on their own hosting - independent of any other providers.

With the current set up, I can only imagine problems. If by some accident the subscription lapses, or a clients site is deleted from the dashboard, or maybe I’ve moved on from webdesign and just don’t need to be subscribed to Webflow any longer, suddenly the designer (me) is going to have a ton of problems to deal with - as none of my clients form will be working.

I really hope you will take my response in to consideration. I am completely confident that an implementation of this level would be very doable for the team behind Webflow. It will simply be a matter of if you decide it aligns with your own agenda and company goals.

Like I said, your product is so good that you don’t need to force people to stick around - they will stick around on their own accord. Especially as more features roll out!

PS: You guys are doing an awesome job, please do not take my above ideas in a bad way. I think the above would be beneficial for Webflow and their users, alike.

PSS: If you can integrate with Mailchimp (just like Unbounce does) that would be super! For reference, Unbounce has 1 form and with that it stores a copy of the entry in their DB, emails a copy to an email specified and can also send the data to mailchimp. All from 1 form, convenient! :smile:


Chris, we totally understand your concerns. We’re still working out all these details, so your feedback is definitely appreciated. Thanks for such a detailed description as well. :thumbsup:

We will be implementing Mailchimp integration just like Unbounce and from what I know right now we will be setting up something similar where it will have to go through our DB.

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I moved a post to a new topic: Form not showing up after export

@thesergie I’m having a similar issue. Currently, form submissions work fine on hosted webflow sites but don’t work on sites I host. Is this a new bug? Not sure where to look in the webflow code to debug.

Simple Form is a completely free - not even freemium - form mailing service. It’s really easy to set it up with WebFlow (or anything, really).

I found this little gem when I was facing this same issue with WebFlow.

We’re looking into it. Does this happen for all your sites that you have exported from Webflow or just recently exported ones?

@thesergie I believe it’s recent exports.

Exported a page around April 11th and had everything working fine. Added a new page with a submission form yesterday, May 8th, & noticed on testing that the form didn’t send me an email. Checked the April 11th form release and it failed to send an email as well.

Thanks for checking this out!

That’s weird. I just tested it myself and the forms submissions are going through. Can you try to create a quick site with a form, export it, host it and see if the forms work? If it does for you then it must be something you did with the form in your site.

This was a long time ago and I see it still has not happened. Have you figured a workaround to this?

Totally agree , I hope they can find a solution ! We will be waiting!

Did you ever find a solution for this?

Hi ! Im received this mail 34 times , i pay all month and the form dont work in the client server…
How is the code for configurate the form using the client server ?! need help please !