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Help Using Zapier and webflow

Have company that has its own hosting server and wants to use Zapier for their CRM . website is built in Webflow exported as HTML can I still use Zapier since they are not using webflow hosting?

How are your forms setup? They must be integrated with another provider if the site is exported right? If so the zap will be from the form service to your crm I am thinking.

Have not built out the form yet. just a basic form , name with an email … then it will be sent to the client but they want it to go to their CRM called Infusionsoft . I saw this . Need a programmer or someone that knows webflow better then myself.

More likely you would embed an infusionsoft form on the site with the embed element and or some custom code.

I see infusionsoft is rebranding to keap and there are different products so it will all depend on what they are using.