Zapier / Mailerlite connection unable to find form

I’m trying to migrate our company email subs from mailchimp to mailerlite, there doesn’t seem to be a direct way to do this so I’m using Zapier. However, when I try and connect Zapier to my project, it says that it’s unable to find the form.

I get this message in Zapier: “Forms will only show here if they have been published and have received at least 1 submission.”

We’ve had plenty of submissions, so not sure why it’s not picking up the form.

Any ideas?

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Mailer Lite is great. Nice pop-up system too.

Your email sign-up form is designed to post directly to MailChimp, which you can see in the Action here-


Zapier is looking for Webflow submissions, and since you’re not using Webflow’s forms handler, you actually have none. Zapier needs those in order to figure out what your binding options are.

To fix this, you should be able to-

  • Select and copy that Action field content somewhere safe, just in case.
  • Clear that field
  • Publish your site to staging ( * )
  • Visit that site, and submit a form
  • Go to zapier, and complete your zap programming to push it to MailerLite
  • Test it all
  • When OK, publish your site to production

But, I suspect you don’t need actually Zapier. Let me check some of my sites and see if I’ve ever wired up MailerLite directly.

MailerLite has changed their Newsletter signup forms and added a lot of features that make it difficult to do a simple FORM POST the way you were doing with MailChimp. I’ll keep digging when I have time and add here if I come across a solution.

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Thank you! this worked. I wouldn’t have guessed the thousands of successful mailchimp submissions weren’t being counted.

I’d love to NOT use Zapier, so if you ever do figure out how to do a direct integration I’d be super appreciative.

Yes, when you specify a custom Action, you are basically telling Webflow not to use it’s internal forms handler on that form, and to use the one you’ve chosen instead. That’s the right approach in cases like this- you probably don’t need those email list subscriptions counting against your Webflow form submissons quota.

I’m trusting you got your data migrated over from Mailchimp to MailerLite properly?

I’ll let you know if MailerLite team comes back with a custom Form solution.

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