Workspaces, roles, and permissions - everything you need to know

Code export is available on both the Core and Growth plans for a Workspace. Here are the expanded details from the pricing page. Hopefully that provides some more clarity.

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With all due respect, I’m not sure how we are expected to believe this given user feedback concerning functionality (i.e., the wishlist) has been largely sidestepped for literally a half-decade at this point. Instead we get this. Chalk me up as another individual who will be negatively affected by this move.


Thanks very much @matthewpmunger

As a freelancer myself, I understand. Feedback is important.

The blog post does mention some upcoming improvements to Workspaces which I’ll paste below.

Additional improvements as part of this release

We’ve also made a handful of improvements for all customers that should make your everyday workflows run a bit smoother.

Here’s what else you can look forward to:

  • Improved teammate management settings. See all of your Workspace teammates and individual site guest editors in one place under your team account settings.
  • Clone showcased sites to your Team or individual Workspace. You no longer need to transfer cloned showcased sites out of your individual account into your Team account — simply choose which Workspace to clone your site into and get back to work.
  • Improved site transfer flow. Whenever you transfer sites to someone, they’ll be more clearly notified and will now be able to choose which Workspace they want the site to end up in.‍ (Note: For now, sites with Site Plans will still need to be disconnected and reconfigured upon transfer.)
  • Purchase templates for any Workspace. Previously unavailable with Team accounts, the switch to Workspaces means you’ll now be able to buy and use templates.

What’s next for teamwork in Webflow

As we previewed at No-Code Conf 2021, today’s release is only one step on our continued journey to improve how teams work in Webflow. Some of the exciting features and improvements we’re tackling next include:

  • Per-site Designer access. Invite clients, contractors, and teammates to work in the Designer on one or several sites without giving them access to everything in your Workspace.
  • Site Activity log. Get a detailed look at important changes being made to your site with a log of who’s publishing the site, editing styles or symbols, adding custom code, restoring backups, and more.
  • Commenting. Invite teammates, clients, and other stakeholders to leave comments on a per-element, per-breakpoint basis for quick iteration and feedback as you progress through a build.
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Every individual can own 1 free workspace and you can be part of workspaces paid by others. So it is possible to be a part of multiple workspaces for free.

You’re absolutely right that trust has been lost because of the wishlist.

What are your needs concerning the Workspace features that are forcing you to a higher priced plan? I’d like to hear more.

Think this is the beginning of something very good!
Explain this to me (as if I were 6 years old … :rofl: )
I work at an advertising agency and we have many customers’ websites in our team. Will we be able to set up a “workspace” for those customers who want to work in the designer? And that the customer has a free account and only accesses their site?
Can we do this with the growth plan?

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After another look, it appears not much would change aside from the higher price point overall. I’m mostly concerned with the limited unhosted sites, but that seems like it would not change at the Lite vs. Core level. I’d be happy to pay for unlimited but I’ve always held back due to Webflow’s lack of addressing simple functionality improvements. And now to do that, the Pro vs. Growth plans is quite a leap.


Thank you for the explanation.

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I’m not the OP, and correct me if I’m wrong, but lets say I were a solo freelancer and I either:
A) have a bunch of clients sites duplicated and in draft for safe keeping acting as external backups
B) build cloneables for community use

My costs are rising by 40% for the unlimited account plan. I don’t have any other options that will work, and none of the benefits listed in this comment do anything for me as they are all related to multiple team members - aside from commenting, but who knows how many years that is from launching.

To be clear, I am not a solo freelancer - the benefits are very apparent for me as an agency owner and the price difference isn’t enough to turn me around - but I can absolutely understand why they’d be upset if it were just one person running their own shop, having to deal with a 40% blow up in price for a distant promise of a commenting feature improvement.


It sounds like you’re referring to site-level access which is not part of today’s Workspace announcement.

To keep clients from seeing each other’s sites, a Workspace will be needed for each client needing Designer access. Whether the Workspace is hosted by you or the client is up to your arrangement and billing considerations, but for sure you would need at least two seats. One for you and one for the client inside their Workspace. If only 2-3 seats are needed then a Core plan will suffice.

Does that make sense?

And how do permissions work there?

I would hope that you’ll at least “grandfather” the prices we pay currently for each Site Plan because this is going to be difficult to justify the price hike for my friends and clients (I’m a freelancer with only a few paying clients, mostly whom are non-profit organizations and artists).

They already find their website super-expensive, especially when they’re comparing it to all the “free Wix website” and cheap GoDaddy ads… not all of us have big, corporate clients, nor do I have the technical ability to redo all of these sites on a different platform altogether.


And we’ve all been screaming about CASE STUDIES (just like this one in your case) to SHOW us what these changes mean (not crappy pieces of paper that are supposed to be some sort of joke - on the video).


Site plans don’t seem to be changing in price. Which is nice.

Mine are, because I signed up quite a long time ago and used a coupon code. So if those will be ignored moving forward, then yes, all of my Site Plans will be increased as well (not to mention that Webflow bills in USD currency, so I’m already paying more because of the conversion…)

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Why are you trying to explain things on the forum that should be clear on the pricing page??
And no, it doesn’t make sense.
So if a client wants me to continue to work on their site after launch, we’re going to need a Site plan AND Workspace for that client??? So that’s CORE + CMS = $ 54 a month???


Depends who is the Workspace owner. The owner pays for the seats in a Workspace used by the admins and members. If you are invited to a Workspace, there is no fee for you as an admin or member.

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There are no changes to site-plans or pricing with Workspaces. Historically, Webflow has implemented “grandfathering” with changes to site pricing.

The video is a surface level overview. Have you read the documentation? The articles go much more in-depth than any other materials out there. If you want to dig into the nuances of operating a workspace, I recommend starting there.