Some Workspace pricing and UI confusion

So, today I moved from an old Team plan (with 2 Pro seats) to Workspace Growth. I previously applied for the discount program to keep the 35$/month price from my Team/Pro account and got an OK on this from Webflow.

1. Just to clarify:
As I understand it I’m now on the Workspace Growth plan with 2 seats that has the 35$/month discount price. If I choose to add more seats, I will have to pay 49$/month for all additional seats within the limit of 9 seats in the Growth plan?

2. Information about the discount price in the UI:
There is no information given about the discounted price in the prices I’m presented with during the transfer process (or after the transfer for that matter). Can I just assume that Webflow will charge the discounted price, not full price in the next billing cycle?

EDIT: I got the answer for my question regarding charging full or discounted price in my inbox just now. Looks like I got charged full price. What’s up Webflow?

3. Confusing user experience in the dashboard:
After I did the transfer I’m presented with lots of contradictory information about my current plan and price in the Webflow dashboard UI:

EDIT: The Workspace price plan list now seems to have changed for ‘Current: Starter’ to ‘Current: Growth’ :sweat_smile:

4. Workspace vs Team… eeeeh… wait… what?!
This is starting to go from “I-have-some-questions” to a good old rant!

When navigating around in the new Workspace UI, I got to this:

Ok, so this is my Workspace where I can ad more seats. So far, so good. BUT I can also make a new Team! Just like the oldTeam plan I just transferred from? Who knows… let’s try to create a new Team:

What’s this? Can I make a new Team inside my Workspace? Or is this a completely separate thing outside my current Workspace? Do I have to pay additionally 140$/month for a Medium Team inside my Workspace? Can I add existing users from my Workspace to a new Team without paying more, or do I have to pay for both Workspace access and Team access? Why is the Team price 35$/month for each user, not 49$/month like the Workspace I’m currently in? Do I have to make a Team to set access levels on the users/seats? or can I do this on individual users in my current Team… sorry… Workspace? If I can set user access restrictions on members in the Workspace, where do I do this?

As a UI/UX designer I can relay feel my heart rate rising. How is it possible for a company like Webflow to make such a mind boggling confusing pricing/plan model?

5. And then some extra questions on the end
Perhaps I’m wrong, but as I understood it from earlier information given on the benefits of the new Workspace model, I could temporary invite/add a user from a different Webflow account into my Workspace? If so, do I then have to pay for a extra seat in my Workspace in addition to the seat the external user i paying in a different account?

Regarding adding temporary users in general. In the old Team plan, I could not add an extra seat (on a monthly billing cycle) without also changing all the other “permanent” seats in the Team automatically from annual to monthly billing, then having to change back to annual billing after the temporary seat was removed. This made a complete invoice mess for accounting. Is there any improvement on this in the new Workspace model? as in, can I set annual/monthly billing cycles on the individual users, not the entire Workspace will all user in the Workspace?

This is all very sad and annoying. In general I never understood the concept, why we’re paying for preparing projects, which are anyway charged extra as soon as they’re going live. And as the rates go higher now, it makes sense to bring even more client projects to Webflow. Nice business model for Webflow.

I work with Webflow since 2014 but this is very disappointing.

I wrote this to support last week and just added, what do users do who exceed 10 non-hosted sites on the Core Plan just by purchasing or downloading over 10 templates? You can now unfortunately feel the investor behind the company. Sorry, it begins to make no more fun with such conversions.

Dear Webflow Team,

I am really pissed off right now. It was only in August that I switched our professional account to annual payment. Currently I am still on vacation and have not logged into Webflow for 2 weeks.

Now I log in and see that you automatically switch to workspaces after 90 days. I have just done this manually. Really nothing much has changed at first glance. We were then suggested the Growth plan.

We are a small team consisting of two people here at the agency. What I liked about our professional plan was that you could create an unlimited number of pages. And we currently have a few more than just 10 pages that you offer for the core plan. That’s a joke, right?

Sorry I find that incredibly brazen to piss off long-time and paying customers in this way. One can literally feel that there has been an investor behind your company for quite some time. It’s all about the money and that annoys me the most, because I have assessed you and your company differently. And clearly, where the journey should go, you want next that the people change to a team plan.

Now our workspace is on “Growth” and the additional amount of $118.34 has just been automatically debited. Of course we covered the “unlimeted hosted sites” feature with this, but are simply paying more money for the same service. You are technically forced, so to speak, to decide what to do with those sites now that go beyond the 10 unhosted sites.

If I now switch the plan to Core, what happens to the sites that go beyond 10. There are some backups in there as well? So I have no choice but to stay on the Growth plan. Instead, I have to look as a small business now, where I can save your additional costs again.

Hi Toby, I hope they will offer you at least a discounted upgrade. If support will not suggest this, I would ask again.

Why ist there not much more outrage to find here about this massive price increase?

Why we are so crazy to pay for preparing projects, which are paid extra by the client for hosting, often already during development to get over collection limits e. g.?

Are there so many people, who are using Webflow, just to export code, or hosting final sites with

In accordance to @Toby I think, this is investor driven!

What about some feedback from Vlad to this, what seems is even not having a user name here anymore, or @PixelGeek?

We need more “non-hosted” sites as playground, for templates. etc. without this tight and creativity reducing limit at a more reasonable price!

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I just find it annoying because it feels like a kind of feeding. For many years you support the development and are happy about a good system, and then after you are familiar with it and actually almost dependent, because you can not simply turn off or delete his page, something like this comes.

Sooner or later, we will then probably look for an alternative, unless we no longer have any real added value.