Update to the new Workspace Growth plan's pricing to support freelancers

Hi everyone. Over the weekend and all throughout today, our product, community and support teams have been going through the feedback on this post and in our other sub-communities. We’re hearing that many freelancers rely on the functionality of their current Pro account plans to back up client sites, share cloneables with the community, and contribute to a more vibrant Webflow Showcase – and that the new collaboration features offered in the Growth plan aren’t something that many solo freelancers need today.

Given this feedback, I’m happy to report that we’ve created a way for community members with a Pro plan to get a discount code which will keep the current Pro plan pricing on the new Workspaces Growth plan. (Read more about the transition process here.)

Action required: To get this applied to your account, you’ll need to fill out a short form. Once your account is ready to be transitioned, we’ll notify you by email with a discount code and next steps. Our support team has already created an automated process for this, so existing support ticket volume will not be impacted.

Just like any organization, the only way to grow and evolve is by learning. So, please, continue to post your honest and constructive feedback. We truly appreciate you all for your continued support while we navigate through this next step in our journey together.


is this discount recurring or is this a default corporate way to let freelancers feel good, to stop themn complaining and then when their next billing cycle is up charge the normal price and have them locked in on the growth plan?


This really feels like a way to spread the complaints and to just keep pushing this insane price increase … Feels like webflow is gonna ditch freelancers completly in the future.


From the discount form:

If you’re currently on a Webflow Pro Account plan and you don’t need collaboration features that come with Workspace

So if I sign up for the discount I will only be able to have one seat on the Growth plan? Today I have a Team account with two Pro users (35$/mo). Can I apply for the discount on both Pro users and still collaborate on the same projects, or am I forced over to full Growth plan (49$/mo) on both users just to have more than 10 unhosted sites?


Is a discount valid as long we stay on PRO plan (recurring) or there is another catch and discount is only temporary. All I’m interested is to stay on my current PRO plan with current price till I will decide otherwise.

@Stan The discount will apply for as long as you are on the Workspace Growth plan.


Checking on this. Will reply when I have a verified answer.

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The discount won’t be removed after the billing cycle.

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Thank you for listening to your customers and rethinking this one, guys.


Thank you all at webflow for listening and being proactive on this

@Christoffer Thanks for mentioning that confusing copy. We’ve removed it. It was just to signal that you are an individual and not a team. There are no restrictions when accepting the discount, and you’ll be able to add seats to the discounted Workspace if you ever need to. Those additional seats will be at the full price.

So for your situation, you can both apply for separate discounted Workspaces. To collaborate on the same projects, you’ll need chose one Workspace to add the second seat to at the full Growth seat price. Does that make sense?

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So you’re not doing anything to change the insane 30% price increase for small teams?


The pricing announced last week is not changing at this time.

What is your small team size? For teams of 2-3 seats, there’s actually savings if moving from the previous team account to a Core Workspace. The Growth Workspace is only necessary for a small team if they also need unlimited unhosted sites and publishing permissions.

Publishing permissions
Control on a site-by-site level which teammates can publish to production.

We have 3 seats right now. And yes going to core would be ideal, but we need more than 10 unhosted sites. Publishing permissions would be nice, but we can live without it. Most of our unhosted sites are old projects that we keep as an archive.

It seems crazy to me that you expect teams in our situation to pay 30% more or delete unhosted sites.

One thing that would solve this for us at least is an actual archive feature in the dashboard that would remove those sites from your limit of 10 unhosted sites.


Hi @PixelGeek You specifically mention Pro and don’t mention the very common Lite Package on this form or your post - so is it true that you are extending this same offer, or are you expecting Lite plan users to go from 192 to $228 with no useful functional improvement?

Want to be sure of where we stand

And whether the many solo Webflow builders are really part of the future of Webflow.

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The Growth Workspace discount form page has be slightly tweaked for clarity purposes. Pasting here for extra visibility.

Growth Workspace discount form

Request a discount when transitioning from a Pro account plan to a Growth Workspace plan.

How it works

Webflow has started transitioning account plans to Workspace plans. If you currently pay for a Webflow Pro Account plan and will be transitioning to a Growth Workspace plan, you can request to keep Pro account pricing after you transition to Workspaces.

Please complete and submit the included form to receive a unique coupon code to extend your current pricing to your Growth Workspace plan.

Note: You’ll receive your coupon code via email prior to your account’s transition to Workspaces. The discount will be effective at the time the code is applied. Only Pro account plan customers are eligible to receive this discount, subject to applicable terms and conditions.

If you need help with a bug or have an urgent Webflow issue, please contact our customer support team.

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I have a Pro Account, no Team Plan. I haven’t received a notification in my dashboard yet. Do I already have to fill out the form to apply for the discount coupon or do I have to wait untill I get the message to transform my Account Pro Plan to Workspace?

@matthewpmunger So by ignoring it, that is a no to my question to Nelson @PixelGeek ??

Like we don’t feel ignored enough by this round of development that has completely bypassed all of the Wishlist requirements

Feeling very burned by all of this, like I have been a fool to buy into Webflow so much.