Workspaces, roles, and permissions - everything you need to know

Today is a big day for teams working inside Webflow. This post is intended to gather the information and resources together so that you can feel confident during this transition.

Building on the improvements we made to collaboration inside the Designer last summer, today we’re releasing Workspaces.

Workspaces simplify how you create and grow your teams in Webflow and introduce brand new billing and publishing permissions to let you control how work gets done across your team. For all the details plus resources, including new roles and permissions and how the transition process will take place, keep going.

A good place to start learning about Workspaces, roles, and permissions is with the blog post announcement and the University video or articles. Anything posted here is sourced from these places.

What is a workspace?

To make creating, growing, and modifying your team within Webflow smoother, we’ve consolidated individual and Team account plans into a unified “Workspace” plan that lets you seamlessly grow from a team of one to any size you need.

This means that everyone new to Webflow starts out in a free Workspace and can upgrade and add teammates as needed. Now, you’ll never need to create a separate Team account and move sites over or deal with time-consuming account setup as you’re scaling adoption of Webflow.

How do I get access to Workspaces?

From February through the first half of 2022, we’ll prompt account owners to transition to a Workspace via in-Dashboard notifications, banners, and email. Once you’re notified, we’ll provide a guided transition flow with plan recommendations based on your account size and usage. After you transition to Workspaces you’ll have access to the new roles and permissions included with your plan, and you can also change your Workspace plan as you see fit.

New accounts

  • If you’ve just signed up for a brand new Webflow account, you’ll be the first to transition. You will begin to see Workspaces in a gradual rollout over the next several weeks. (Welcome to Webflow!)

Existing accounts

  • Customers with no paid plans (or only site plans) will be automatically transitioned to a free Starter Workspace.
  • Customers with individual account plans will be prompted to switch to the appropriate Workspace plan based on site count and account complexity.
  • Customers with team plans will be prompted to transition to Growth Workspace plans.
  • Enterprise customers will hear from their customer success manager, who will handle this switch on your behalf and be in touch to walk through questions and demo the new features.

Ready to transition to workspaces? Read this article first.

What are roles and permissions?

Aside from simplicity and scalability, one of the biggest improvements that Workspaces introduces is brand new roles and permissions. These allow you to control who can do what within your account, and even within individual sites.For an in-depth explanation, read this article.

Here are some quick slides to help break it down.

Workspace-level roles and permissions

Site-level roles and permissions

Workspace pricing

Existing Pro account? Use the link below.


Need help understanding what workspace is right for you or your team? We recommend using the guidance tool on the pricing page based on two simple questions.

  • Are you an individual/freelancer or an agency/team?
  • Are you building a single site or many sites?

Feature enhancements

Additional improvements as part of this release

We’ve also made a handful of improvements for all customers that should make your everyday workflows run a bit smoother.

Here’s what else you can look forward to:

  • Improved teammate management settings. See all of your Workspace teammates and individual site guest editors in one place under your team account settings.
  • Clone showcased sites to your Team or individual Workspace. You no longer need to transfer cloned showcased sites out of your individual account into your Team account — simply choose which Workspace to clone your site into and get back to work.
  • Improved site transfer flow. Whenever you transfer sites to someone, they’ll be more clearly notified and will now be able to choose which Workspace they want the site to end up in.‍ (Note: For now, sites with Site Plans will still need to be disconnected and reconfigured upon transfer.)
  • Purchase templates for any Workspace. Previously unavailable with Team accounts, the switch to Workspaces means you’ll now be able to buy and use templates.

What’s next for teamwork in Webflow

As we previewed at No-Code Conf 2021, today’s release is only one step on our continued journey to improve how teams work in Webflow. Some of the exciting features and improvements we’re tackling next include:

  • Per-site Designer access. Invite clients, contractors, and teammates to work in the Designer on one or several sites without giving them access to everything in your Workspace.
  • Site Activity log. Get a detailed look at important changes being made to your site with a log of who’s publishing the site, editing styles or symbols, adding custom code, restoring backups, and more.
  • Commenting. Invite teammates, clients, and other stakeholders to leave comments on a per-element, per-breakpoint basis for quick iteration and feedback as you progress through a build.


Question: What if I'm an individual but the positive changes seem focused on teams?

Answer: This is valuable feedback. For today this is the price point we’ve set for customers using Webflow this intensively, but I’m going to take this feedback to the appropriate teams internally for consideration. I’d also just like to point out that today is just a starting point for these new plans and there is more functionality to come for Core and Workspace plans — additionally note this change has no impact on site plan pricing.


All links above are also listed below and some additional articles for reference

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Matthew, thanks for sharing this post. It’s great to see Webflow rolling out new features.

I’m currently on a Pro account with plenty of unhosted sites - backups of client sites, style guides, design experiments and so on, like I’m sure many users have.

According to this I’ll face a 40% price increase for the ‘Growth Workspace’ plan to accommodate >10 unhosted sites.

I’m sure these new permissions are great for larger teams. But it really feels like individuals are being overlooked here. Surely there’s space for a freelancer / 1-3 seat plan with unlimited sites, closer to the existing Pro price point?


I’ve seen today that a lot has changed concerning Webflow Workspaces. Previously, before it was called workspaces, it stated how many static pages you could create in the starter plan (2, I think). But with the new workspaces (starter, core and growth) there is no mention of static pages. Does this mean that all workspaces have the same 100 static pages?

Hi Sam - thanks for sharing this feedback, it’s really helpful as we continue to think through the impact of these changes on our various customer groups. For today this is the price point we’ve set for customers using Webflow this intensively, but I’m going to take this feedback to the appropriate teams internally for consideration. I’d also just like to point out that today is just a starting point for these new plans and there is more functionality to come for Core and Workspace plans — additionally note this change has no impact on site plan pricing.


Hey @Woohoo good question. The change from account plans to workspaces does not affect site plans. The means that the limitations for sites are unchanged with today’s transition to workspaces. Let me know if it’s still not clear.

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sad to see that i have to accept such a big price increase for features i wont use as an individual on the new unlimited unhosted sites account. sad to see this price increase that will probably also affect a lot of individuals making resources for the showcase.

also looks like when you have to make the switch you even have to pay more for the rest of your current plan until next billing cycle… :angry:.


hi @matthewpmunger does it mean that my Pro plan is going from $42 to Growth for $60 just like that? I do not want to have another member seats as Freelancer!!! I didn’t asked for it as I do not need it. Or I didn’t get this new pricing plan correctly and my Pro Plan will be still $42?

I have deleted all my following comments in reaction on 2 day BAN I have got from Webflow staff member without warning as slap over the fingers to be a good boy and “Cool Off” only for giving my honest opinion on new Webflow Price Plan that totally eliminated single freelances and is discussed in the same feel all over the internet across Webflow community on all social networks with more or less identical opinion. I will stay in silent from now on.


Thank you all for the feedback around how this affects you as freelancers/individuals. We are actively sharing all of this internally and discussing.

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Thanks for the responses Barrett and Matthew. Appreciate the Webflow team engaging with the community on this. :blue_heart:


There’s no mention of old Account features like the ability to export code or even utilizing custom code on any of the pricing levels. Any updates on what will be happening with those?


Many people in community has sperate account for work and other for making cloneable and releasing it to community…I think these new plans are hurting individual creators and freelances who are very important part of this community.


Absolutely right… people are going to have a huge hike in price just to share free resources with the community.


From the blog post “simply choose which Workspace to clone your site into and get back to work.” How many workspaces do you think we can afford???


Hello @Sam_Pilgrim, your point is totally valid, I mean nobody likes to pay more for pretty much the same service, however, you can now add up to 9 people, with free accounts, on your plan, with unlimited sites, and split the yearly fee among them. You can even just get one more person with a free plan on your Growth plan and both will have unlimited sites and split the price in half, and you will pay 30% less of what you were paying originally on the Pro plan. Right?

I love working with interns, but I’m always worried that they might mess things up and publish things that shouldn’t be. So I’ve been looking forward to this “Control which teammates can publish any given site to more tightly regulate who pushes what to production.” But it’s only Available on Growth Workspaces and above. :man_facepalming:

really??? How???

@Pablo_Cortes Nope, the price is per seat.


the pricing is per account.


Got it, you are right, I missed that per seat part, yeah that 40% increase sucks, but I hope this means Webflow will push for more functionalities for its users.

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