Updates to our pricing and plans

Hi everyone — you’ll receive an email shortly, but I wanted to post here first to share some significant updates to Webflow’s site and workspace plans taking effect today. You can read more about all of these changes on our blog.

Before we get into those details, I want to make it very clear that all existing plans will be locked into their existing pricing for at least one year from today — regardless of whether you’re on an annual subscription or a monthly subscription.

New plans and updates

A lot has changed since we launched in August of 2013 — our product has evolved from a single page site builder, to a powerful platform used by hundreds of thousands of businesses to run mission-critical websites. We’re updating our pricing to reflect the continued evolution of our platform, and to ensure that we can operate a sustainable business that grows alongside our customers for decades to come. Here are the two key changes we’re announcing today:

  1. We’re increasing Site plan prices for the first time since 2016. These new plans reflect the vast improvements made in our product over the past six years, and enable us to invest in building a more robust platform going forward. In addition, these plans include access to features like Memberships, Logic and more coming very soon. (More on this below.)

  2. We’re launching 2 new Workspace plans specifically for freelancers and agencies — introducing new features like full CMS access on unhosted sites, and free guest access in client workspaces on all site plans (coming soon).

Site plan changes

Over the past few years, we’ve been focused on refactoring and improving site reliability, power, and overall functionality — improving core workflows with CSS grid, CMS performance enhancements, faster publishing, WebP support and much more. In addition, we’ve invested in new beta functionality with Memberships and Logic, both of which we’re glad to share will be fully available in our updated site plans.

Our new pricing reflects these updates as well as future investments across each of our plans.

With these changes, site plan prices will increase between $2 and $9 per month, depending on your plan and billing frequency:

You may notice that the CMS plan price is increasing more than other plans, and we want to be transparent with you about why that is. After significant research initiatives — including customer conversations and comparisons to other tools in the space — we came to the conclusion that the CMS plan has been historically underpriced. We believe that this change aligns our pricing in line with the value and robust capabilities it provides.

We know that price changes can be challenging, especially for those managing multiple clients/sites or working internationally. To help minimize the impact this has on you and your business, we’re also extending current pricing for any new or upgraded sites until December 31st, 2022 for existing customers. Newly upgraded sites will keep their current pricing until their first renewal on or after January 1st, 2023. To learn more about grace periods, please visit our blog.

New Workspace plans for Freelancers & Agencies

Since announcing Workspaces earlier this year, we heard clear feedback that while these plans were an improvement, they were missing more relevant ways to collaborate with clients. Freelancers and agencies collaborate differently than internal teams, and therefore require plans that reflect their unique needs and workflows.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce two new Workspace plans: Freelancer ($16/mo per seat, billed yearly) and Agency ($35/mo per seat, billed yearly).

With these new Workspace plans, we’ve introduced new ways to interact and build with your clients, including:

  • Full CMS access on unhosted sites: Build entire sites in your Workspace, without worrying about CMS limits or adding a paid Site plan before you’re ready to go live. Unhosted sites in your Workspace automatically get upgraded to our most powerful CMS functionality with up to 10,000 CMS items (200x more than before).

  • Free guest access in client Workspaces (coming soon): collaborate with clients in their Workspace with full design access — without paying for an additional seat. This includes free (Starter) workspaces, so you no longer need to convince clients to upgrade to a paid Workspace or share login credentials to invite a freelancer or an agency team member to collaborate on a website. Note: this feature is in-development and will be fully released later this year.

How to get started

These new Workspaces are available for freelancers and agencies starting today:

  • If you’re already on a Workspace plan (Starter, Core, or Growth), you can switch to the Freelancer or Agency plan from your Billing settings.

  • If you’re on a legacy Account or Team plan and haven’t yet migrated to Workspaces, we’ll automatically move you to the relevant plan next week. You can learn more about this process here.

Although we’re introducing more powerful Workspaces for freelancers and agencies, we recognize that Site plan increases affect everyone — and have designed our grace periods to ease the transition for you or your clients.

We also heard your feedback around challenges with our Workspace release earlier this year, and know that some of you are still in the process of migrating clients off Client Billing. Should you require any help from our team or if you’re a freelancer or agency already working with clients who aren’t covered by these grace periods, please reach out to our team.

We’re committed to our mission of empowering you all to build for the web, and we believe that these changes will help ensure that we can continue improving Webflow for decades to come. We’ll continue investing in new ways to improve our platform and offerings moving forward — including exploring localized pricing for international customers, expanded tools to find and work with clients, and many more powerful visual development capabilities.

It’s incredibly rare to foster a community of creators this passionate, this talented, and this involved in a product — and we thank you all for your ongoing support and feedback.

— Vlad

Note: These updates are rolling out over the next few days and may not be visible in your account yet, but we wanted to let you know as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your team through our support portal.


I just had to upgrade to Growth plan yesterday, which meant deleting a seat for cost reasons. Agency is exactly what we need… but I don’t have an option to change to that plan. I went to Workspaces, selected my workspace, click the ‘Billing’ tab, then ‘Update your Workspace’, and it takes me to the ‘Plans’ tab with Starter, Core, Growth, and Enterprise. No Agency and no Freelancer.

What am I missing?


Hey @clussman the ability to chose one of the two new workspaces is still rolling out. I’ll let you know when it should be available.

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One question:
Do I see this correctly that the new Freelancer Workspace is basically the same as the legacy “Light” plan (with exception to some CMS limitation changes)?

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Hey @Schuschi_Eyes the new Freelancer workspace also will have the new guest access for client sites and have up to three seats. You can learn more about it on this page Build Websites for Clients | Webflow for Agencies and Plans & pricing | Webflow

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I’ve just received an email from Webflow stating their proposed price increases and I have to say I’m furious! Going forward, for a standard CMS (annual) it will now increase to $23 p/m. That’s almost a 44% increase?!! :exploding_head:
Webflow removed Client Billing this year which has been an absolute headache to begin with. What’s worse, we’re based in Ireland and so we now have to exchange from Dollars to Euros to invoice our clients and as you all know the Dollar is now almost on par with the Euro, which is causing Webflow to be even more expensive than it previously was.
I have to tell you… in was difficult in the beginning to try encourage clients to move over to what was seen as an already overpriced CMS (compared to Wordpress). Informing them now of this proposed new price increase might finally be the straw that breaks the camels backs…
This really is a poor way to treat your loyal customers Webflow.


Hey! I’ve been a user since 2014 and Webflow CMS has improved by leaps and bounds with more enhancements planned in the near future.

I know at first it’s always a shock to see higher prices but the CMS pricing has stayed nearly the same since I joined while they have added tons of improvements. They are adjusting the pricing to closer match the value provided by the CMS features. They’ve also given you up to a year of being grandfathered into the old pricing model which by industry standards is very generous.

I know from personal experience with the Webflow team that they do not take these changes lightly.

Hey @Bammedia We hear you, and understand that pricing changes can impact everyone differently. We’re working hard to strike a balance between the price of Webflow and the value it provides.

We believe that these changes will help ensure that we can continue improving Webflow for decades to come. We’ll continue investing in new ways to improve our platform and offerings moving forward — including exploring localized pricing for international customers, expanded tools to find and work with clients, and many more powerful visual development capabilities.

Although we’re introducing new Workspaces for freelancers and agencies, we recognize that Site plan increases affect everyone — and have designed our grace periods to ease the transition for you or your clients.

That link has helpful details and you can contact support directly from there if you have further questions about your specific situation.

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The option to switch to a freelance plan should be live now :slight_smile: I was just able to use it to move my growth plan for my solo freelance biz to one of the new plans

Confirming as @Austin mentioned that everyone should have the ability to transition to a Freelancer or Agency workspace now. If you experience any issues, check this support doc and contact the support team from there if necessary.


I opened two browser windows, read line by line, and try to compare the tables… but still confused!

So, it looks like the differences are:

  • price is cheaper with Agency Plan
  • with Agency plan, I can look forward to the coming soon “Free Guest access”

Am I missing something else?

Hey @anthonychan2509 Freelancer and Agency workspaces are designed specifically for those who work with multiple clients and frequently transfer sites to external teams.

Core or Growth workspaces are designed with in-house teams in mind, focused more on building and managing sites within a single organization or team.

While the plans are similar today, over time both will likely have features more geared towards their specific needs.

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I see, thanks!
That’s actually an important message in communication.

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Hi @matthewpmunger can you clarify a few things Im not 100% sure?

Im still on Pro plan and this was only subscription had to have to build projects (no Site plan needed).

  1. To be able preserve my projects approx. 100 mostly unpublished (only community examples are published on webflow.io) I have to sign to Agencies that is identical price to Pro ($35 annual) and each seat will be another $35. Correct?

  2. As mentioned in pricing plan I have to now also be signed to Site plan to be able to use Agencies Workspace. Correct?

CleanShot 2022-09-22 at 19.58.13

This bring me to last question what is a difference between Full CMS Access VS 50 CMS items ? How this will work together? Do I will have Agency with limited CMS?


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This is a shocking price increase to have to pass on to clients that are already using CMS, especially after having the client billing conversation recently… makes us seem we are suddenly gouging website overhead.

This is going to be an embarrassment as many of us have sold webflow as a better solution, which it is, for builders… but clients don’t care about how easy something is to build, they just see $$$ and end product… new customers are not an issue for a change like this, but for current CMS clients this move will actually harm client relations… I may even lose clients if I don’t eat the price difference which will hurt my business.

Your platform is great, but if it cost me business… and comes off as financially unstable, I can’t continue to use it.


Hey @Stan happy to clarify.

  1. Correct that an Agency workspace is needed to unlock more than 10 unhosted sites and the cost is $35 per seat.
  2. This FAQ in the screenshot is referring to how Webflow works. You have a workspace (free or paid) and sites (free or paid).

It is not a requirement to have a paid site plan for any workspace. The FAQ could be written better. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. It will get clarified better.

To help clarify, the FULL CMS access means that you have the full capabilities of the CMS Business site plan.

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But why is the FULL CMS access on unhosted sites not included in the Core and Growth plans?

Thanks @matthewpmunger so nothing changes this mean I can use Agency Workspace without need to sign to Site plan as I do not need it and will have unlimited CMS.

One more question, will be on Agency workspace the transferring Projects to clients accounts working again as at this moment is not possible on Pro plan for long time and for several months I’m paying for something I can’t use?