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Webflow vs CMS - blog posts and news items?

I am new to webflow and I am still not really imaging how to fully use all the functions to get the functional website, which then can be easily managed and maintained.
I understand that I can create responsive layout in webflow and fill it in with my texts and graphics. However I am not sure how to configure items to be able to later add eg. blog posts or news without going into “design” mode. Is such functionality supported?

Thank you for clarification

Welcome to the forums! Right now Webflow is static responsive website builder. By that i mean it’s basic in terms of what kind of dynamic functionality you have. You can add any kind of content and design anything, like you said, but what you see is what you get. We don’t have blog or CMS functionality quite yet.

Thanks for your question!

Thank you for suggestion! Well, it is not really easy for me we will keep it in mind when deciding if we will move to webflow.
I understand that your first suggestion (with proposed code) was to “get” content to the webflow page via rss reader taking content from separate blog?
As for the second suggestion - applying webflow theme to wordpress - I would be happy to learn how to do it, if you have a bit of free time.

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@bartekkustra mentioned that using is a good place to start (It’s a bare bones Wordpress theme that you can change to whatever you want).

Hi Bartek, I would be really happy to read your tutorial on how to put your webflow site into wordpress. Great work man :slight_smile:

I think I have to find a little time for all of you ^^ I’ll try next week, okay? I’ll make a tutorial for all of you :slight_smile:

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@bartekkustra I would appreciate this too ! I’ll add you on skype now :slight_smile:

@bartekkustra I don’t know what you wanna do but …
If you would like, we could do it together one on one on skype. I will record the video cast and sharing with everyone here :slight_smile:

Thank you !

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I think I’ll have my macbook next week so recording screen would be easy as it sounds :wink: If I encounter any problems recording this video, I’ll contact forum :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea @devmtl! @bartekkustra, that would be awesome if you created a screencast for the community.

Hi Bartek,
You are right, I am from Poland.
I am also ‘deadline operated’ but please just let me know what could we date/time suitable for you to arrange skype call and I will adapt to it.

Today (Saturday) around evening. Send me a private message :wink:

Hey @bartekkustra can you use Private Messages to send personal information and requests? We want to have information on the forum be relevant to people that visit it. That’s why I am excited about the creation of a screencast/tutorial that will help everyone instead of a skype call that will help one person. Personally contacting another member is totally fine, but that can be done via private messages.


Oh sorry. Sure :wink: I’ll create that screencast during upcoming week. I just got my Macbook Air so it will be legen…wait for it… dary! :smiley:


@bartekkustra That’s a no brainer. Building a CMS around theme build in WF is gold. Hope to see this soon !

From Montreal

Great (and I :heart: HIMYM) :tongue:.

Unfortunately my duties absorbed me too much and I did not have not the time to respond sooner…
From the other responses on this thread I see that more people are interested in this topic, so if you could really prepare screencast for all of them it would be a great help!
And lets see if the private call would necessary after that.

Yup, I’m trying to find a little time for that but I simple can’t handle that. I’ve just lost my job so I have to focus on findig new one before this month ends. I’d love to create that screencast. By teh way, does anyone know good software for that?

Sorry to hear about the job, mate. And check out - looks awesome for screencasts :smiley: .

Hope this helps,

Sorry to hear that @bartekkustra! I’d say focus on finding a new job before investing in this screencast. It’s more important! We can definitely wait.