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Alternating cms design

Hi, I guess I know the answer, but I’ll ask to get some feedback and thoughts.

I want to make a blog front page, where the posts are not the same looking all the time.
HERE and HERE are two examples. Its probably not cms or blog, but its just an example.

Is this even close to be possible as a cms function in webflow. When I see pages that I know is a blog and have that function, how is it made? From scratch or can it be done with code. HERE is a blog with different post design.

Any thought, help or advice? :smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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What you can do this with dynamic list limit ranges:

Another thing you can do is add some custom code for nth-child selectors and just float the content and image for every other item in the list. (currently we don’t have a UI for this but eventually we will)


Ok awesome. I just have to get mye head around it. Thank you so much @thesergie

Thanks, I just tried to solve exactly that and ended up with 5 different dynamic lists with one item in each to solve this. I now must try to do it some custom css, didn’t think about nth child.

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hi, @krubens ) I’ll try to help u. what if u use for ur site theme for WordPress? look here
i was looking for answers for this question too. i’m new to this business, so it was difficult for me. but the options offered by the site, approached me, i was very pleased.and now my little blog looks the way i wanted.and it is not, like his pupil did :joy: previously i looked throw a lot of cms, in particular wordpress, trying to understand all by myself. i hope i was helpful :innocent: :blush:

Thank you Ruby. I want to use Webflow, but good to see inspiration :smile:

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:blush: :blush: :wink:

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