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Webflow vs CMS - blog posts and news items?

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    so if you could really prepare screencast for all of them it would be a great help!

Screenflow is the real thing. With the support of multipage, this is get to be the deal.

Cheers !

@thesergie the other issue with using Webflow for blogging is the pricing structure, which makes it completely impossible unless you’re on at least the professional plan. SquareSpace have similar page limits, but allow unlimited blog posts - is this something Webflow would consider implementing in some way as well? would love to host my blog with Webflow and can deal without the CMS but the pricing/page restrictions make it impossible at the moment.


Hi @satnavstu, when we do implement blogging, it won’t follow the same page limits, because each blog-related page (e.g. Home Page, Post Detail) will count as just one page even though it displays multiple posts. Stay tuned!


@callmevlad great news, thanks for the reply. are you able to provide any indication of timescales - Q2/3/4 this year? next year? could save me some time by staying put that’s all.

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