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Will there be a CMS integrated with WebFlow in the future? (i.e Blogging capabilities),

Hi, I’ve recently started using WebFlow for web design, except I really wish it was more of an all-in-one solution. Right now, WebFlow has an awesome platform but limited features. Most, if not all, of my clients need a blog and other dynamic content. I know that the HTML/CSS can be exported to Wordpress but doing so is time consuming and It’d be awesome to see an all-in-one solution for WebFlow. It would be an incredible opportunity for WebFlow to expand since once they do, they’ll be rivaling sites such as Weebly and Squarespace who’s design features are far below what WebFlow offers. A stable CMS for WebFlow would really boost WebFlow’s popularity, especially among small business owners.

From talking with my clients, i’ve noticed that there is a large group of people who are too experienced for basic drag 'n drop CMS platforms such as Weebly, but find code daunting. WebFlow would be the perfect solution for those kinds of people.

I just wanted to ask whether or not there are any plans for CMS integration with Webflow? Thanks!

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Pretty sure that something along the lines of what you’re referring to is in the works. According to @thesergie and the webflow staff, they are working away at big changes. :slight_smile: Might include something to incorporate that. That big of a move would definitely make a huge shift in the digital realm as we know it. :slight_smile: Time will tell, just be patient :wink:

I hope so, I would love some proper CMS. I have just updated to pjnegrow 2.2 which seems to make it very easy to create WP theme now, I am sure if WEBFLOW added this functionality it would be more polished

I tried PineGrow… was not a fan.

It’s amazing how much traction this CMS issue has gotten over the past year or so.

Also - I hadn’t thought about the ability to “export code directly into a wordpress compatible theme” before.

This would be an interesting feature as well.

As I said… I hadn’t thought about it much before… But recently… I can see a need on my end for that feature.

Don’t hold your breath. They have been teasing us about a cms for a couple years now.