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Blog capabilities with Webflow?

I’m confused about whether Webflow helps users (easily?) create blogs as a part of a website, as another element. Just can’t seem to find a good answer to the question. I definitely need to build blogs as an element in a site.

And next, if so, how do I build a blog into a Webflow site??

Thanks much!!


I look at webflow as great/fast building block for static web design. As well, base templates/blocks for CMS/Blog frameworks.

There is a good tutorial here on taking your design you make in webflow and integrating into Wordpress using the Ultimatum framework here:

You could always embed something like Nabble. I don’t recommend that for SEO reasons, but, it can be done.

The guys here at webflow have “I feel” big plans for WF and look at moving to the all in one package in the future. “Would be a big relief and asset” to have something like that.

Thanks. I have to be honest – this is a major disappointment. I am really, really not sure how a website-building framework can be taken seriously when you completely leave out the potential to build a blog.

Disappointing. Really.

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So now, it’s just an exercise in waiting around until they do this.
But I have to be honest, I’m blown away by everything else Webflow does. Kudos.

But the lack of a capability to build a blog is a deal-breaker.

ah well. On to someone else.

Hi @kohala14, CMS capabilities has been requested and now the development team are working on new CMS features that will be released for testing in a couple/few months. Sorry that you will have to wait, but rest assured that CMS things are being addressed. If you are keeping track of new features and announcments, the CMS features when ready, will be announced in the forum.


I haven’t read this recommendation so I’ll add it here. Of course there’s Ultimatum and other programs to build a Wordpress theme. But there is also third party companies. For example, will take your webflow design and markup to build a Wordpress theme for you. And it is pretty cheap. A lot of companies are cheaper than them, but they can be not so good.

Don’t be too disenchanted @kohala14. I’ve been waiting for blogging too, but I’ve come to realise that when they’ve completed it, it’s going to be well perfectly executed and will make our jaws drop. Not only are they highly competent, they are fast developers and very considerate with their UX expertise. Blogging on webflow is going to be #amazeballs


Yeah - I agree that it will be good, based on what they’ve done already. So I will wait. In the meantime, however, I have to find a work-around (which I’m not excited about).

Hi all, I have a client who requires a blog as part of their website. I will wait patiently for Webflow to add this to their list of features however has anybody found a way to incorporate a blog into a Webflow site without having to take the whole site to Wordpress?

Hey guys, the only current workaround is to create a blog completely statically, similar to what we’ve done for our own blog here:

To create new pages, you would just copy-paste an existing post, update the content, and then add a new link to the blog post on the home page. It’s a bit tedious, but it works :smiley: (Though an RSS feed is missing…)

In addition to what @callmevlad mentioned, you can also embed some nice comments to your article posts, using Disqus ( to give it that bloggie feel with comments :smile:

Any updates on the blog/cms stuff?



For me webflow is an essential building block tool for templating in Adobe Business catalyst. Webflow works fine on the platform. Right now I have been testing a lot of stuff with it and I like the way webflow works on images.

I’m wondering how blogs will work if we are only capable of creating 80 page websites with webflow…

hi @bwaldon4, most blog/cms systems use a data storage backend for dynamically creating the blog posts based on some template or theme. So static pages for a regular blog would not be an issue once and when Webflow adds the functionalities.

For the moment, if you are creating a static blog page, you can duplicate posts on the same page, thus increasing your overall capability for publishing blog posts. We hear you on the CMS/Blog things, and we are working on new stuff for this in future updates, and when those kinds of functionalities are ready, there will be no blog posting limitations, much like there is not any limitation with making blog posts on other systems.

The 80 page limitation for professional, personal and micro plans, is the “current” limit for a hard, static page created on your site, but blog and cms functions when released, will not be subject to the same kinds of post limits…we are working on it.

Cheers, Dave


Chiming in on behalf of a company that is hoping to integrate a Wordpress website neatly with a current Webflow. We appreciate that the dev team is working on an update and look forward to a speedy release.


Also chiming in that we are looking forward to blog capability soon. Thanks for improving an already great product!



Thanks for the great response. Question: Would you all be willing to post your blog in dev mode or somehow share the components as symbols with us. It would be kind of great if when you all did tutorials you created classes of symbols that were importable in every project.



I don’t think webflow should move into the blog arena.

For me… I’ve been hand-coding for (to many) years
— and I’m simply looking for an easier / faster way to get things done.

If you “really gotta have the blog thing” - just use wordpress. If you cannot do it yourself… get a developer on oDesk.

Wordpress is bloated.

For me… I basically export the code and rip it apart. I then build the code out further using php / mysql… as most of what I do is applications - not just websites. There’s a difference.

Technically… you could rip the exported webflow code - and create a wordpress template… with little to no interactions behind the scenes. (that’s why I mentioned oDesk).

— Definately do-able… but is it worth it ?.. ehhhh. Not for me… I’d rather just build the entire application out myself.

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I have wordpress and it is far more complicated than webflow… If webflow comes out with blogging I will be able to easily maintain my design flow.

People like me are looking for a solution with the least amount of html knowledge required!