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Is there an option to blog?

Awesome program! Can’t wait to start using. Is there Blogging capabilities. All my clients are bloggers. thanks!!!


Sorry… forgot to add… so the site can only by CREATED in Chrome. Obvi, seen in all browsers, right?

“The full power of code in a smart UI. Publish or export production-ready HTML & CSS.

Just thought I’d point out this little quote from Webflow’s front page. In short, it’s meant for building static HTML and CSS pages. You can take these finished pages and integrate them into whatever blogging platform you’d like, such as Wordpress, Anchor, etc.

Yeah @ewarda right now we only support Chrome for our designer, but your code will work in all browsers. We add all the vendor prefixes for you.

As for the blogging, that’s something we will tackle in the future, but as @shoostar mentioned right now you will be able to build static pages (no dynamic content like adding a blog that you can post to, or add products with inventory). You CAN create a static blog in Webflow!

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Great!! Thank you both for you input. Great site!!! I was comparing it to Wix, but I guess it’s not the same type of platform, right?

Wix and Webflow are very different. Wix lets you drag and drop elements onto the screen, but it’s all based on absolute positioning (which means the content won’t form to different devices). In Webflow you can also drag and drop elements onto the screen, but it’s based on the box model. You position elements using margin, padding, choosing display type, etc. That’s how websites are built by professional web designers.

Does that answer your question? We’re going to be coming out with more videos explaining every aspect of designing a website.


Great… thank you so much!

You can still use STARKER Theme for Wordpress to easily implement your webflow designed site to Wordpress as I did at -> blog. If you need any help doing so, contact me :slight_smile:


That looks awesome!!! So clean and fresh ! Thank you… I’ll let you know if I need help. So far, love this platform.

I am very interested on how to implement webflow designed site to Wordpress do you have any link ?

I have no link to it, since I did my own research, sat down and learn it by myself. But I’d be more than happy to help you out, eg. over Skype :slight_smile: Interested?

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Thanks a lot ! i accept with pleasure, but i think i need to finish the design of my website first i dont want to waste your time, is they are things i need to know on wordpress ? i never make a wordpress theme before.

@Pierro I’d explain general idea of implementing your design into wordpress (or wordpress into design). I’ll try to make a tutorial for that next week.


You sir, are the best !

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hey @bartekkustra , did you happen to have a chance to make that tutorial my friend?

Hey @dzl2010. I’m in the middle of job hunting… I barely find time to reply for some posts around this place. I’ll do my best to prepare that tutorial soon. Sorry it takes so long… :frowning:

Hey Bartek, any progress with this tutorial?

Hey. I’ve started to gather informations I’m gonna need for that. I hope to set it up soon :slight_smile: I’m leaving town this weekend, but I’ll do my best to do it next week. Already got alarm set in my calendar!

Any progress on this? I’ve really been trying to incorporate the two but have had no such luck.

I’m looking to do exactly that on a subdomain (eg., but can you get that to work with webflow’s automated hosting/deployment (for the static site - eg., would be ok to host the blog subdomain elsewhere) hosting or would you have to export the static webflow code and host both systems yourself?