Content Management System Functionality (CMS, blog, dynamic content, etc)

I’m pretty sure this is a recurrent request, but having a CMS integrated, would be a huge step…

Well, since this is a wishing list, here is mine:

  • Optional white labeled admin & editor with:
    –Text edit
    – Color edit
    – Images edit/upload
    – Background images
    – Adding pages (cloning a specific page defined as sample page template)
    – Possibility to edit Navbar text, links, colors / Lightbox images / Slider images
  • And, of course… Fair but still affordable price 

Over the last couple months we had brief comments upon the CMS development… We are waiting for something to “rock our socks” and I’m really waiting upon some news on that.
Please Webflow team, could you give us some comments about the CMS? Is this feature something we can wait for the near future?



I am waiting any news about this feature for purchase a Webflow plan.
Any ETA ? Thank you

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im needing that so bad !!!
Im sure the Webflow team has some nice features for us for this 2015


Wish I had inside news on webflows plan! Just thinking about a full CMS for webflow makes me so excited :smile:


I wonder when WF will be launching this feature…
I need it so badly… My business is based in Webflow, and at this moment it is stacked. I really need a CMS platform that can give me the same creative freedom as WF.

It’s kind of hard not having any feedback upon something that can really take my business to the next level. At this point, I’m just waiting in the dark.
I’m seriously considering migrating to Wordpress… Personally, I don’t like Wordpress and I’ve always carried my Webflow flag, but I really need to evolve and if there isn’t any sort of info about new features and timelime, sadly I need to move on :worried:

Would be really great to have some sort of information. You developed a great product and have an active community that supports you, here… Please don’t leave us out and let us know what direction you’re taking.


I agree 100% I’m all in with webflow to, would love information on CMS timeline.


It will be great if Webflow could have a full CMS service soon! :slight_smile:

It’s the last major thing I need to convince my team because my company is still hesitant about fully converting our sites to WB, as well as asset manager.


@gummytiger I’m in the same position. I wish that there would be at least a hint as to if this is in progress or not. I understand that something like this could be a long way off if it was not the plan for this year. However, keeping silent is frustrating. I would like to know if this is a no and so I can move on.


@Geekette Seems like I’m not the only one struggle with the same problem.

Webflow is a very nice product, yet if it’s missing CMS feature, it’s hard to sell to medium scale companies. The temporary solution, uploading WB code to Wordpress or Drupal, is a very time consuming method. It contradicts the idea to have an easy-to-customize web design builder. It’s sad that it doesn’t even have an asset manager. It’s very expensive and time consuming to transfer my existing sites to WB or other web builder services, so my team need to consider and evaluate every constraint or possibilities before the next step.

Right now the available features on WB work well for small agencies or start-up with minimum pages. I hope they will announce or update the potential customers regarding CMS feature soon or I will move on too.


+1 for this
In the meantime you can check out
which works well with files exported from Webflow.

But it’s one way sync only and it would be perfect to have CMS directly in Webflow.

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Cloud Cannon is expensive compared to other CMSs like Surreal, Pagelime, and Cushy. My top pick so far is Surreal (although not the cheapest it’s far more affordable than Cloud Cannon).

I have managed to create a simple theme by using exporting an html page from web flow and bringing it into pinegrow. I wish webflow had the wordpress capability that pinegrow has…


Hi Paul, how easy was it for you to convert that webflow HTML into WordPress with Pinegrow?

Hi Glen

Surprisingly easy exported from wordpress imported into pinegrow, and added the wp elements to the section of the page, as I said it was a very simple blog element on my website, its not quite live yet. I am still testing it out for potential issues.
I will post a link here when done

The documentation on the pinegrow site is pretty good.


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We have been using webflow and have developed an elegant workflow that works with our CMS. We really like the workflow we’ve come to, but our backend is still a bit unpolished. In the meantime you can take a look at a few sites we’ve done, self hosted on our CMS platform.

@pigeonflight What CMS are you using?

I have no doubth… Webflow CMS it’s a milestone on this market. It is the only system that allows the CMS integration into design, instead of adjusting design around the CMS. From my wish list, almost everything was accomplished (thanks Webflow team!!! :smiley: )

Just wondering if you have any plans for these points:

  • White labeled CMS
  • Provide content editors with the ability to edit/change background images
  • Integrated shopping cart (not via sniped integration)
  • Integrated booking system (for hotel bookings, for example)

When I started to use Webflow I had a vision for my business. Only based in Webflow, it was not possible then… The needed abilities were pointed on my wish list. I can now go further with my project.

So this is a wishing list post, but also a kudos to the WF team. As you promised, my socks are rocking at this point :smiley:


White label is on their list. They’ve stated that it is definitely coming. Same with Shopping carts, etc. You can see that as ‘coming soon’ on the CMS section of their website. It truly is happy times in the Webflowosphere.


Visiting this old topic, I really appreciate the Webflow team’s effort on providing us with a great product, but I’m still missing one of the points on my list - The ability to manage bookings with the CMS.

I’m currently starting an hotel project and there is no way to accomplish this with Webflow at the moment. Maybe the new plugins marketplace will open a solution for that, but for now, the cost of the booking systems on the market + Webflow CMS hosting fees makes the all project too expensive for my client to consider an external integration.

When can we expect this? I’m reviving this list with this item as my personal wish for this Christmas :smiley:

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Adding this would make webflow a really powerful booking service. That could be used by event agency, training gyms, and as Nita sais, hotel booking.

I would really love this! :smiley:

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