Webflow University - Figma to Webflow (course)


Learn the entire design process from idea to final output as we take you through Figma, Cinema 4D and Octane, and Webflow.

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced
Length: 5hrs 20 mins


In this course, we’ll use our tried-and-true workflow to create a website from scratch. We’ll start by iterating on low and mid-fidelity designs in Figma. Then, we’ll create and render 3D product assets in Cinema 4D and Octane. We’ll use After Effects to export them as Lottie JSON files — and build our landing page complete with animations and interactions in Webflow. Finally, we’ll tie it all together with a custom domain, then hit publish for the world to see!


Take the course

Take the full course at Webflow University: Figma to Webflow | Webflow University with access to all assets or to clone the completed Webflow project.

Discuss and share

Share your progress #figmatowebflow on social media and here on these topics in the forum.

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So I’ve recently started learning design in Figma, not knowing that the universe would align like this… I LOVE YOU GUYS​:ok_man:t5::pleading_face::blue_heart::south_africa::zap:


Hey quick question, can you still follow the course without Cinema 4D and Aftereffects? Both these programs are out of my price range at present.

Many thanks

Hey @Chris_Hely

Absolutely! All assets will be provided on Webflow University, so you can follow along with the Webflow build. Plus the idea with the course is that while we use these specific tools — Cinema 4D, After Effects — there are others and that’s great. We hope this will help people find ways to optimize their workflow regardless of which specific tools they use.

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That’s great to know. Many thanks @matthewpmunger

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